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Flexible & Remote Work Resources

We are in a new reality where flexibility and remote work options are essential tools that we have to help with operational continuity during this time. A sudden switch to remote work can be disruptive to both employees and supervisors without clear communication, tools, or processes in place. During and after remote work implementation, flexibility is still key. The university expects and encourages maximum flexibility be afforded during this time to help accommodate employees' needs and minimize the spread of the illness.

Although there are constant changes and many unknowns, we encourage all to use this as an opportunity to think creatively about solutions that fit your team and the work you do. There is no one size fits all; therefore, flexible and creative approaches will be key.

 COVID-19 request to work remote online form and instructions

This form is for employees requesting to work 100% remote due to COVID-19. The agreement is between the employee, supervisor, and appointing officer. Human Resources will be notified once this form is submitted. Please contact Natalie Trent at with any questions. 

Work Life Resources

Encompass - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Encompass, your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), recognizes that unexpected events can create heightened emotional reactions for employees. Encompass offers a wide array of online and telephonic resources, including remote counseling. Encompass is available to support all service options in a telephonic format for both intakes and clients who are currently engaged in services. Encompass services are available via phone 24/7 at 1-800-788-8630.

Encompass has recently updated their online resources at First time users can create a profile using the code: GVSUNI. The website will continue to the updated with the most recent information related to COVID-19. My Life Expert offers helpful articles such as, How to Talk to Children About COVID-19 and more.

To help support employees who may be experiencing reactions, Encompass has compiled a few toolkits: 

*As a reminder, GVSU faculty, staff and their families have access to and are encouraged to use Encompass. Encompass is a third-party, confidential provider and will not share any of your information with GVSU.

Resources for Work, Life & Resiliency

In addition to what the work life office can do for you, the following are resources for work, life, and fostering resiliency. Whether you are struggling or wanting to continue to learn and grow, know that you are cared for and there is a place for you! 

Work life will be posting inspirational blogs with self-reflection exercises to keep you grounded and mindful. Your Work Life Consultant is available for questions and/or concerns related to your overall well-being. Appointments can be placed via the appointment manager and are all telephonic.

In addition to the links in the drop downs below, a comprehensive list of resources for work and life are available here


Off-Campus Access Using VPN: Accessing, sending, and responding to university email through the Outlook Web Client from personal computers and devices is OK while working remotely; however, documents containing sensitive information should not be saved from email to personal computers or devices. Installing VPN software on personal computers to access secure or high privilege systems (Banner Admin, Argos, OnBase, etc.) is not recommended. As an alternative, and if approved by your department, you can coordinate with Information Technology (IT) to configure your desktop computer to work from off site. Contact IT at 616-331-2035 or to make arrangements.

Enroll in DUO MFA from on-campus: GVSU issued Windows 10 computers do not need VPN to access GVSU network resources from off campus. GVSU issued Mac computers do need VPN. VPN is required to access secure or high privilege systems (Argos, OnBase, etc.).

Software/HardwareApps: If you are off campus and need to enroll in Duo MFA for VPN, email the IT Helpdesk for assistance. Please send the request from your GVSU email address, and include your department information.

Cyber Safety: Information on cyber security and staying safe while working remotely.

Collaborating Remotely

Office 365

Install Office 365 to get started on a personal or GV issued device.

Office 365

Microsoft Teams

Learn about Microsoft Teams with tutorials on how to utilize this tool with your team.

Microsoft Teams

Skype for Business

Stay connected to your teams with Skype for Business video conference and chat tools.

Skype for Business