Faculty/Staff Mediation Services at GVSU

Mediation Services Brochure

Mediation begins with the disputing parties agreeing to meet with two neutral facilitators (called "mediators") who guide them step-by-step through a problem-solving process.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a nonjudicial, confidential, and voluntary process that helps people resolve their own conflicts and design their own solutions.

What are some advantages of using Mediation?
- Mediation settles disputes privately and confidentially. - Mediation focuses on problem-solving rather than placing blame. - Mediation is flexible and creative. Because solutions are tailor made for the particular situation, there is a high likelihood that solutions will be implemented and will last. Many disputes can be resolved in one mediation session. Sessions may last from one to three hours and additional sessions can be scheduled if needed. Mediation sessions will be scheduled whenever possible at a location agreeable to all participants. All GVSU faculty and staff may use campus mediation services free of charge.

Who are the Mediators?
GVSU mediators are faculty and staff trained in the process of mediation.

  • Interpersonal disputes (e.g. co-worker/ supervisor disputes)
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Racial/cultural issues
  • Faculty/staff conflicts
  • Supervisory disputes
  • Communication in the workplace

How can I find out if my concern is appropriate for Mediation?

Work Life Connections, at 331-2215. If mediation is appropriate, the Work Life Consultant will help you through the process of setting up a mediation.

Page last modified April 14, 2017