Join a community that supports your mindfulness practice. There are opportunities to connect whether you are a faculty, staff, or student on campus and in the community. Interested in starting a community of support or have a group you want to add to the list? Email us!


Communities of Support

These peer-led groups for faculty and staff who looking for support around a variety mindfulness practices.
Note: participation in communities of support should not interfere with regular work responsibilities

Advance Mindfulness Practitioner Group
For more information contact Elisa Salazar

GVSU Interfaith Friendship Groups
Offers an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to enter safe and engaging spaces to meet people of different faith traditions or worldviews while enjoying some of your favorite activities.

Communities of Practice

A community of practice is group of individuals from all GVSU employee groups who share and implement the best practices in a particular topic area.

Positive Organizations
A group of individuals from all GVSU employee groups who share and implement the best practices of positive organizations.  The group uses an online platform for ongoing communication and meets quarterly for face-to-face discussions and presentations. For more information contact Kelley Monterusso. Registration for upcoming events is available via Sprout.

Student Organizations

There are student organization across campus to support engagement in various mindfulness practice.

Community Service and Learning Center organizes the annual Make a Difference Day, a national day of service that encourages student to volunteer in their community.

Meditation and Mindfulness strives to create a friendly atmosphere where all can feel welcome, beginners and long-term practitioners alike! We strive for this so that we may not only promote the practice, but to support one another in the practice, to build a community of like-minded individuals to share in meditation together.

Writer's Club is a group of talented and dedicated student writers at Grand Valley State University. They meet weekly to offer their work for consideration, discussion, and peer evaluation.

Get Better Every day Club is a volunteer-based organization whose mission is to make an impact on two different levels: within oneself and throughout the community. They accomplish this by first setting goals to accomplish each day to get better, and also volunteer time to help the community get better.

Community Opportunities

Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness offers a variety of opportunities to learn mindfulness and practice with trained professionals at various levels and for various age groups.  Groups include Mindful Eating, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, and Mindful Parenting.

The AG Collaborative  is comprised of two highly trained leadership consultants Abbey and Greg who offer workshops and customized programs as well as coaching in leadership and mindfulness.