How we can help

1 on 1 Consulting and Wellness Planning

Grand Valley provides a work life consultant to assist faculty and staff with their wellness by providing individual coaching. Appointments are available to discuss personal or professional issues impacting wellness. A work life consultant provides resources, support, education, referrals, and wellness tools. Issues commonly addressed include:

  • Grief and loss
  • Divorce
  • Being more mindful at work
  • Anxiety
  • Struggles with adult children
  • Caring for an elderly parent
  • Support for new parents/ working parents

Services provided during one-on-one coaching include:

  • Creating a wellness plan
  • Planning for stressful events
  • Generating action plans
  • Referral to community resources
  • Referral to Encompass, EAP
  • Referral to GVSU internal resources
  • A listening ear to provide education, support, and tools for getting “unstuck.”

Schedule an appointment online 

Or, request an appointment by emailing or calling (616) 331-8011. Appointments are kept private and are available at all GVSU locations. Email and phone consultations are also available.

If you are a supervisor requesting support for supervisee, you have several options:

  • For a mental health or substance abuse concern, contact the work life consultant. There is a process for referring employees for assessments. This is done in collaboration with Human Resources.
  • For formal support, contact Human Resources. An individual(s) is available to enhance individual and team functioning; to answers questions regarding policy and union agreements; and is involved in the grievance and discipline process. 
  • Anonymous reporting is available for individuals who prefer to report concerns to the University anonymously. This is done through a third-part hosted system. Visit or call 855-799-8302.

Email Maureen*

*Maureen Walsh is the Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

If you are concerned about a colleague’s well-being, there are options:

  • If you experience a level of high concern due to high risk, please call 911 or GVPD. (Note: A work life consultant is not able to do wellness checks on individuals in crisis. There are several emergency options for individuals in crisis.)
  • If you are concerned for the safety of an individual, call the non-emergency helpline for your county (example: for Kent County Emergency, call (616) 698-6580) and ask for a well check visit.
  • Contact 24/7 crisis line at ENCOMPASS (Employee Assistance Program) at 1-800-788-8630. They can provide consultation to yourself or the individual.
  • Anonymous reporting is available for individuals who prefer to report concerns to the University anonymously. This is done through a third-part hosted system. Visit or call 855-799-8302.

If you are looking for support for yourself or your colleague and there is no imminent risk, there are options for you:

Conflict Resolution Process: How can Work Life Consultant help me when I am dealing with conflict?

GVSU is aware that the potential for conflict always exists. It is important that you know there are personal, supportive, and formal steps for you to resolve conflict. There are resources and key contacts that can listen and talk you through your options to help you decide which route to take. Visit the Conflict Resolution Process website for tools and information

A work life consultant is a supportive option for individuals and departments. Options include:

  • One-on-one individual meetings. Learn tools for interpersonal effectiveness and discuss options and resources.
  • Facilitated Conversations. A work life consultant will meet with each individual party, followed by a facilitated conversation. This is considered a preventative step and all parties must be agreeable.
  • Coordination support. A work life consultant can help coordinate on-site support from ENCOMPASS (Employee Assistance Program) upon supervisor/dean approval.

Anonymous reporting is available for individuals who prefer to report concerns to the University anonymously through a system hosted by a third party provider. To make an anonymous report, call Anonymous Reporting at 855-799-8302 or visit

Departmental and Team Support

A work life consultant is available to develop creative interventions for departments. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • "We need a neutral party to help us brainstorm."
  • "We want to offer departmental specific wellness programming."
  • "We are working on an initiative or project and would like consultation from Benefits and Wellness."
  • "We want to learn more about what services are available during a departmental meeting."

Deans for Wellness

Human Resources Benefits and Wellness is pleased to provide staffing and resources for the Deans for Wellness Initiative in partnership with Deans to promote the value of wellness for faculty and staff throughout the university. Each Dean is invited to join the initiative by implementing at least one wellness signature event or program in their college or school during the academic year. 

Certified Healthy Departments

Human Resources Benefits and Wellness at Grand Valley State University aims to be the healthiest campus in Michigan. One way to embrace and support the value of health and wellness is through the Certified Healthy Department Program. Your department will be recognized in a variety of ways, while joining others as partners with Human Resources Benefits and Wellness. 

Work Life Presentations

Want to learn more about how to stay well? Presentations are available upon request for faculty and staff. Simply contact the work life consultant and request a presentation. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • wellness benefits available at GVSU;
  • interpersonal effectiveness in the work place; and
  • mindfulness tools for work and life.

ENCOMPASS (Employee Assistance Program) is available to attend departmental meetings and to facilitate trainings. Simply contact the work life consultant to coordinate a presentation.

A list of topics include:

  • Individual development
  • Change management
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Managing conflict
  • Stress management
  • Effective teamwork
  • Looking for something else? Just ask!