Let's Step Away from the Computer and Get Moving!

You may have noticed that you’ve been spending much more time on the good ol’ World Wide Web lately. With COVID-19 separating us, our computers and phones have been more important than ever to keep us connected at work and at home, but they may also be working to distract us from our healthy life goals. Thankfully, the Get Moving Team Challenge is here to help you step away from your computer and get active to meet your wellness goals.

It's easy to get started and get moving:

  1.  Team up with 3 colleagues to form a team
  2.  Compete at your own pace with competitive or team goal categories 
  3.  Track your fitness on your own personal fitness device and hype up your teammates so everyone sticks to their goals
  4.  Upload your progress to the World Wide Web and feel better about having gotten away from your computer to do your body good! Teams are eligible for prizes along the way in their journey, so Get Moving today! 

Page last modified August 26, 2019