Attend a workshop or event on campus, in the community, or on-line. This is your one-stop shop to learn about mindfulness. Want to request a custom workshop or add a mindfulness opportunity to our event list? Contact Elisa Salazar.

Campus Events and Workshops

Electronic Opportunities to Learn

ENCOMPASS (Employee Assistant Program) has electronic resources. Check out the podcasts for free on a variety of topics.
Access ENCOMPASS here and use the username: gvsu. Podcasts include: Be Your Own Best Friend, Resiliency, and Happy Kids.

Videos by your Work Life Consultant:

Pause for Self Compassion
In this clip, GVSU Work Life Consultant Elisa Salazar walks participants through an activity to foster self-compassion.

Pause for Self-Reflection
GVSU’s Work Life Consultant guides participants through a self-reflection activity reviewing a car as a metaphor for life. How full is your tank right now? How fast are you going? Are there any check engine lights on?

Personal self-reflection worksheet