Success Stories 2012

Do you know a GVSU faculty or staff member who serves as a role model for others living a healthy lifestyle? Nominate your co worker for our next newsletter!

December 2012: Sienna Mavima

Sienna Mavima, Assistant Director of the Small Business & Technology Development Center team, made the decision to take control of her health, and has taken advantage of UMR health coaching services, workshops, and activity classes offered through Human Resources Health and Wellness. Read More About Sienna...

October 2012: David Cox

David Cox, Safety Manager of Facilities Services chose to participate in the Know Your Numbers program in March 2012 to become more educated on his own health status. After reviewing the Know Your Numbers report David learned he was in healthy ranges for most categories but for him, the most beneficial part was gaining awareness.
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September 2012: Sheldon Kopperl

About nine years ago, Dr. Kopperl found himself losing interest in parts of his life that had once overjoyed him, such as his passion for the subjects he taught and the upcoming school year. Just after the 4th of July holiday, in 2003, Dr. Kopperl noticed himself falling into a depression.
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August 2012: Leah Thomas

To many of us, being active and healthy means eating food that is good for your body and exercising to stay in shape. But what about those who take this to the extreme? Leah Thomas found a very unique way of keeping herself healthy and fit. Leah is a competitive Bodybuilder. She believes that staying fit can be less work if you find something you truly enjoy. Leah has been participating in competitions since 2000 and will soon begin preparing for her next competition in October of this year.
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July 2012: Kay Hart, Sue Lindrup, Beth Evans, Cheryl Jones

Running is a great way to stay fit and enjoy exercising. Running with friends is even better! Beth Evans, Kay Hart, Sue Lindrup, and Cheryl Jones (pictured right) of GVSU, began running together in January, starting small, and working toward their goal of finishing a 5k race. Sue, Kay, and Beth participated in the 2011 5/3 River Bank Run. At that time, they walked the 5k and were inspired by the race runners to build up their endurance. They decided they would not only participate in the 2012 race, but they would run the entire distance.
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June 2012: Joy Flanders

The GVSU Farmers Market has many loyal customers who often attend the events. Joy Flanders, former GVSU employee, and dedicated Farmers Market supporter has shared her Farmers Market experience with us, here at the Health and Wellness. Flanders has attended the market each summer since it began six years ago, and takes full advantage of all its benefits.
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May 2012: Sally Schoen

Eight years ago Sally Schoen, University Communications Coordinator, was experiencing fluctuations with blood pressure. Her doctor recommended that she lose 10 lbs to avoid prescription drugs. She thought I can do that! To better her health, she increased her overall exercise including cardio workouts, hiking, biking, and walking.
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April 2012: Sharalle Arnold

Sharalle Arnold, Director of Children's Enrichment Center, acts as an agent of change. She works on behalf of young children and family, and she provides them with the resources that they need to better their future.
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March 2012: Tara Bivens

Tara Bivens, Benefits Specialist, is a single, working mom with two kids. At one time, staying fit and healthy was far from her main focus in life. Like many people, Tara and her kids resorted to fast food and unhealthy habits to get by. It wasn't until a year ago that she decided to make it a goal to lose weight and become more fit.
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February 2012: Rita Kohrman

Rita Kohrman, Educational Librarian, has a goal for when she retires. That goal is to walk the Appalachian Trail, which stretches from the tip of Maine to Georgia. In order for her to pursue her goal, she realizes that she needs to be mentally and physically in shape.
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January 2012: Ingrid Johnson

Ingrid Johnson, Assistant Professor of Movement Science, is intrinsically motivated to stay healthy for her family, students, and peers. When she was in the Peace Corps, she had to walk everywhere. It was a challenge, but she saw the benefits of staying healthy.
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