AP Leadership Series

AP Leadership Series

Leadership series focusing on AP staff who mentor and lead others

The purpose of this series is to provide comprehensive programming on specific leadership competencies identified by members of the University’s leadership teams. These competencies were selected as fundamental to success at GVSU for AP staff who mentor and lead others.

The AP Leadership Series includes eight modules and assignments.  These eight modules will be offered each academic year. The format will combine online and in-person programming and participants should expect to have assignments outside of the in-person programs. This combined format will facilitate practical dialogue and the sharing of ideas and best practices among those in attendance. The curriculum is designed for AP staff who mentor and lead others, but will be open to all AP staff.  Assignments may include webinars and quizzes from Leadership IQ.

The AP Leadership Series will be led by a combination of GVSU leaders and area leadership consultants.

Attendance:  Participants who successfully complete all of the programs, assignments and prerequisites will receive an acknowledgement of participation and commitment to being a leader who values learning and sharpening their leadership skills.  Completion of the eight modules may be done in any order and may extend to multiple years.  Space will be limited to approximately 30 participants for each module and a waiting list is expected.  Therefore, if your schedule changes you must go to the seminar registration site and remove the module from your schedule.  When necessary, preference will be given to AP Staff who mentor and lead others.

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