Photo of Dr. Jessica VandenPlas

Dr. Jessica VandenPlas

WISE Faculty Director

Jessie is an associate professor of chemistry at GVSU. She received a Ph.D. in educational psychology from the Catholic University of America in 2008, after completing an MS in Forensic Science at the George Washington University, and a BS in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research is focused in the area of chemistry education, and uses educational and psychological methodologies to investigate student learning in chemistry. Current research is focused on using eye-tracking techniques to examine student problem solving and cognitive load in chemistry, as well as the use of technology in the classroom.

Photo of Dr. Melissa Tallman

Dr. Melissa Tallman

WISE Faculty Fellow

Lissa Tallman joined the GVSU biomedical sciences department in 2012.  Her research focus is on human and primate evolution and specifically on the evolution of human and primate locomotion.  Her current research is a mixture of laboratory based studies of primate soft tissue variation and quantitative analysis of shape and field based studies at her fossil site in the Tatacoa Desert in Colombia.

Photo of Dr. Pamela Wells

Dr. Pamela Wells

WISE Faculty Fellow

Pam is a professor in the Mathematics Department at GVSU specializing in elementary education.  Pam earned her Masters in Mathematics from Purdue University and her PhD in Higher Education from the University of Kentucky.  Pam enjoys working with college students, elementary students, and elementary school teachers and learning math with them.  When not at work, Pam enjoys singing, playing with her dogs, and musical theater.

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