Winter 2018 Checkout Information

Winter 2018 Checkout is Friday, April 27 at 10pm. If you are NOT a Spring/Summer 2018 resident and need to stay past this date, you will need to fill out a "Winter 18 Extended Stay Request" once it is available. If you ARE a Spring/Summer 2018 resident, please check out our TRANSITION information

Residents permanently vacating their room at any time during the year are expected to checkout properly. The checkout procedure varies by situation, but all residents vacating a space on campus are required to do the following:

  • Coordinate a check-out (Self Checkout or Scheduled Checkout) with your housing staff (Note: Both options not available in all areas).
  • Turn in all university issued keys and laundry/entrance cards. Lock all doors and windows.
  • Remove all belongings and sufficiently clean the room or apartment (see below for cleaning checklist)
  • Complete the Housing Checklist provided by a staff member.
  • Return unit furniture to original layout. Appropriate layout instructions will be provided to each community.
  • See the cancellation policy if checking out due to mid-year or mid-semester cancellation.
  • Housing reserves the right to determine whether a room or apartment is sufficiently clean.

Additionally, all residents are advised that:

  • Failure to checkout properly and on time may result in an improper checkout fee of $25.00.
  • All residents are jointly responsible for the care, cleanliness, and protection of the common areas of their suite or apartment. When damages occur inside a room or apartment and Housing does not know who caused them, charges may be split among the residents of that unit.
  • All billing decisions regarding room condition and damages can be appealed within 30 days of notification. All appeal decisions are final.
  • Resident's private property remaining after vacating or upon the expiration of the Housing Agreement will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of.
  • Residents must go into the MyHousing preferences to change their address for mail forwarding purposes.
  • Any resident that does not check out and fails to vacate the premises will be billed $75.00 for failure to vacate and $35 per day the unit is occupied.
  • Click here for list of additional fees that you may be responsible for.

Checkout Options

NOTE: Both checkout options are not available in all areas. Please refer to community staff for your available checkout options.

Scheduled Checkout - Available By Appointment

  • A scheduled checkout will require a 15 minute appointment with a housing staff member
  • To request a scheduled checkout, please follow the community-specific instructions provided to you by your Living Center Director. NOTE: Failure to keep your scheduled appointment will result in a $25.00 improper checkout fee.
  • Prior to your scheduled checkout time, remove all your belongings from your room and complete the checkout requirements.
  • A staff member will meet you at your scheduled checkout time to document the current condition of your unit and ensure you have removed all your belongings.
  • The staff member performing your checkout will not be able to provide you with an estimate of any damages/fees incurred.
  • The staff member will collect your room key, access card, and laundry card at this time.

Self Checkout - Available 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week

  • Residents choosing this option forego the right to be present during the inspection of their room.
  • Checkout Envelopes are available at community desks
    • Once your unit is in check-out ready condition (please see list below) and you are ready to depart, please:
    • Fill out the envelope and place key, access card, and laundry card inside.
    • Turn in your sealed and completed envelope to your front desk
  • After you checkout, a staff member will document any damages in the room and ensure that you have removed all your belongings. 
  • Fees related to move out will be placed on student accounts in mid-May and you will be notified via your student email.

Cleaning Checklist

In order to avoid unnecessary damage, cleaning or administrative charges, please ensure that your unit is properly emptied and cleaned. It is recommended that you review these expectations thoroughly.

  • All personal belongings must be removed from unit. This includes shower curtains, hangers, cleaning items, etc. Any items requiring removal by housing staff will result in additional charges.
  • All trash should be properly disposed of. You are encouraged to recycle items via recycling bins and/or donate items in good condition to Project Donation.
  • All drawers, shelves and cupboards must be emptied and wiped out.
  • All furniture and countertop surfaces should be wiped clean with a non-abrasive general purpose cleaner.
  • All floors should be swept/vacuumed.
  • Refrigerators/Freezers should be emptied of all items with all shelves and drawers completely wiped clean and defrosted/unplugged at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Ovens and stovetops should be cleaned thoroughly using a general purpose cleaner, degreaser or oven cleaner.
  • Walls, floor and fixtures of shower/tub should be thoroughly cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Toilet bowl and seat should be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate toilet/bathroom cleaner.
  • All walls should be wiped clean of any dust, spills, marks, etc.

Page last modified April 11, 2018