Suite-Style Living Center

Suite Style Floor Plan

Reserved For: Primarily first-year students

Features: Four people per suite in two double rooms with a shared bathroom, access to community kitchen and a community area on the first floor for student activities.

Network Connectivity: Two connections per room

Meal Plan Required: $14+ meal plan is included in cost of housing. Students are required to either keep this plan or upgrade the plan to the Unlimited Fresh. 

Halls: DeVos, Kirkpatrick, Maple, Oak, Pine, Pew, Pickard, Seidman, Stafford, Swanson

Cost: Click for housing rate

Approximate Suite-Style Dimensions (in feet):

Bedroom/Living Area (11 x 17) & Bathroom (3.2 x 14)

Exact room dimensions and layout vary depending on building. Furnishings and finishes may vary as well.