Laker Village/Calder Apartments

Reserved for: Undergraduate and graduate students.

Features: Efficiency, two, and four bedroom options. Apartments are furnished with bed, desk/chair, dresser, closet, kitchen, table/chairs, couch, easy chair or love seat, stove, and refrigerator. All apartments except for Calder and the Laker Village Efficiencies (Kingston) include air conditioning.

No meal plan required. Optional meal plans may be purchased.

Cost: Please see Housing Rates for more information


Exact room dimensions and layout vary depending on the building. Furnishings and finishes may vary as well. Refrigerators in Laker Village Efficiency Units and Calder are not full-size.

Efficiency Configuration

Cald. Eff.

Two-Bedroom Configuration

LV 2 BR Down

LV 2 BR Up

Four-Bedroom Configuration

LV 4 BR Down

LV 4 BR Up