My College Roomie

What is My College Roomie?

Finding a compatible roommate can be stressful. There are so many options, so who should you choose? Picking a roommate is a big commitment - that's why My College Roomie is here to help!

My College Roomie (MCR) is an online roommate matching system. This web-based system allows for students to network and engage with each other, as well as match with and select roommates. The algorithm helps make roommate matches based on the information you provide such as interests, lifestyle, personality, and living preferences.

My College Roomie

How it works


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How it works

  1. You must be accepted to GVSU AND have an active housing application.
  2. You will receive an email to your GVSU student email from My College Roomie when it's time to create a profile and complete the roommate matching questionnaire.  For returning students: The system resets annually and does not save the previous year's questionnaires or profiles. Returners will also receive an invitation to build a 22-23 profile and submit a new questionnaire. 
  3. Login to My College Roomie with your GVSU credentials. 
  4. After completing your profile, complete the questionnaire. 
  5. You'll now be able to view other student profiles, review your compatibility and send messages to connect with other students. 
  6. Once you have decided on a roommate or roommates, you should request each other.  Matches must be made in My College Roomie in order to populate myHousing.  For incoming first-year students: Unmatched students will be auto-matched based on the questionnaire prior to housing assignments being made, so it's important to create an account and submit the survey even if you don't self-match. That questionnaire will help us find you a good roomie!

For Fall 2022:

Returning and Transfer student match window opens on November 8th.  

Incoming first-year student match window opens in January. 

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Benefits of MCR:

  • Meet new people and social network. MCR is more than a roommate finding tool, it's a to find and make campus connections!
  • Stay up to date on current housing announcements
  • Students report increased satisfaction with roommate and housing process
  • 62% average decrease in room change requests

Trust the Process

  • Take the time to set up your profile and fill out the questionnaire honestly about yourself and what you're looking for in a roommate. By doing this, it helps the system pair you with other potential roommates and possible friendships. 
  • You aren't looking for your next best friend, you're looking for someone that shares similar interests as you and who you can live with comfortably and respectfully. A bonus is if they become your best friend! No perfect roommate exists but the goal is to be able to coexist with each other. 
  • There might be times when conversations might be awkward, but you'll need to break the ice eventually. Some people might not reply back to you and that's okay - try not to take anything too personal! 
  • Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. There could be a chance things don't work out, so have a few other people in mind just in case things with your potential match fall through. 
  • Be honest with yourself and who you talk to!

Conversation Topics

  • Sleep schedule:
    • What time do you both plan to go to sleep and wake up?
    • Are you a night owl or a morning person?
    • Do you like to sleep with any light or noise or total darkness and silence?
    • What time are you most productive?
  • Guests
    • Do you prefer your room to be a relaxing space or a social space?
    • Do you prefer your room to be a fun space or an academic-focused space?
    • Are overnight guests allowed?
    • How many people are you comfortable with having over at a time?
    • Is there a certain time of day that you don't want guests over?
  • Cleanliness
    • How often do you like to clean?
    • Who is responsible for cleaning what and how often?
    • What does clean mean to you?
    • Tidying up versus deep cleaning.
    • Are you neat and organized or prefer to have clothes laying around?

Living Together

Take time to get to know each other. Grab dinner or study together. Be open, honest, patient, and learn how to communicate best with one another. Remember, relationships take time. They might not become your best friend and that's okay! What we want are two people who can coexist in a shared space. 

Sometimes conflict can be inevitable. There will always be differences and minor things that might annoy you. It's important to give each other space when needed. If a conflict arises and you are struggling, be sure to contact your RA. They are trained in dealing with conflict resolution and helping students navigate through difficult situations. 




What if I don't find someone that I want to match with?

Once roommate selection closes, MCR will auto match all remaining students who do not yet have a roommate selected.

What if I already have a roommate match in myHousing?

Your roommate matches that you submitted with your housing application in myHousing will be lost when we go live with MCR. If you still want to live with that person, you BOTH will need to activate your MCR account and match in MCR. 

How do I complete my profile?

From the homepage, click on your Name, which appears above your Profile Photo. This will bring you to the Edit Profile screen, in which you can add information, interests, a video introduction, and more! Once finished editing, click the Save button at the bottom.

How do I complete the questionnaire?

From the homepage, click on your Name, which appears above your Profile Photo. This will bring you to the Edit Profile screen. Next to this tab will be the "Questionnaire" tab. Clicking this tab will bring you to the Questionnaire. Each Question has 2 sliders. Slider 1 (the top slider) is to identify approximately where you fall within the range. Slider 2 (the bottom slider), also known as the Comfort Zone, is for you to identify the range of answers that you are comfortable with in a roommate. Click save when finished.

What if I don't fill out the questionnaire? 

Filling out the Questionnaire is what generates compatibility scores between you and other users. If you choose not to answer the Questionnaire, you can still network with other users, chat, add friends, and find a roommate, but you'll essentially be assigned a random roommate at the end of the process.

I know who I want to live with, how do I search for them?

Use the search bar above the Match Section to search for people with a specific interest, major or to find someone specific. If you are looking for a specific person and they are not showing up, it is most likely that they have not yet created their MCR profile yet. In order for the Search Bar to find them, they must be an active user with a profile, so if you can't find them, please wait until they log in and create their profile.

How do I add or accept friends?

1. Homepage:  Within your lists of Matches, New, and Recently Viewed, you can add friends simply by clicking the "Add Friend" button next to each user.

2. Within a User's Profile:  Within a specific user's profile, you can add him/her as a friend simply by clicking the "Add Friend" button within their profile.

Note:  The user will need to accept your Friend Request in order for you to be able to unlock Friendship privileges with that user.

Do I need to be friends with someone first before adding them as a roommate?


How do I send or accept roommate requests?

You can send a Roommate Request in multiple ways:

1. Homepage:  Within your lists of Matches, Friends, New, and Recently Viewed, you can send a Roommate Request simply by clicking the "Roommate Request" button next to each user.

2. Within a User's Profile:  Within a specific user's profile, you can add him/her as a Roommate simply by clicking the "Roommate Request" button within their profile.

Note: You must first be Friends with someone before being able to send them a Roommate Request.

Is my roommate match confirmed?


If your desired roommate(s) name(s) appear in the Roommates tab within Friends & Messaging, then yes, your matches are confirmed.

How do I change roommates?

Home screen > Friends & Messaging > Roommate

1. Check the box next to your Roommate's name.

2. Click the "Remove Roommate" button.

Why can't I login?

If you're trying to log in for the first time, but the system isn't recognizing your login credentials, you may not have an account yet. Students cannot create their own accounts. Student accounts are created by GVSU Housing once you have completed the criteria for entrance into MCR

Once you complete this criteria, an administrator will create your account in MCR. You will not be able to log into MCR until this happens. At this point, you'll get a welcome email with a temporary password, and some instructions to log in. You'll now be able to log in with your .edu email address and your temporary password. 

Page last modified June 14, 2022