Why Live in MSH?

Living on campus gives students like you opportunities and advantages that can make your college experience more memorable and more enjoyable.

As you consider whether you should live on campus, consider this compelling fact: students who live on campus get better grades and are more likely to graduate than those who don't. Even more compelling is that students that are part of an Academic Community have higher academic achievement (higher GPA), persist better (don't drop out) and matriculate through college faster (graduate sooner) than those who aren't.

Additionally, residing in a living-learning community will allow you to connect more intentionally and naturally with peers, faculty, and staff. You will have a built-in cohort to support you and connect with similar passions and experiences. Research shows that living in a community has a strong effect on student learning and achievement.

The Movement Science House (MSH) is a rapidly expanding academic community at GVSU. It originally was developed in 2012 as an attempt to provide advanced support and opportunities for student engagement within the Movement Sciences. With an original resident membership of 12 students, the word regarding the benefits of being apart of the MSH have spread tremendously. Current members total 42 with growth set to expand to the entire 1st floor next year of South Apartments - D, all 50 beds. The five year goal is to fill an entire building. We are well on our way, join our effort today and benefit from your immersion into your field.

Page last modified June 22, 2015