Resident Assistants


Trey Stein--1st Floor

Trey is a senior studying Sport Management and Economics. This is Trey's third year as an RA, each of which being in the Movement Science House on the first floor of South D. Trey has an entrepreneurial spirit leading to his development of two businesses centered around sneakers. Upon graduation Trey plans to attend law school where he can develop the training necessary to become a sport and talent agent.


Noah Reyhl--2nd Floor

Noah is a returning RA on the 2nd floor of the South D Apartments. He is a junior majoring in Clinical Exercise Science and pursuing a career in Physical Therapy. After graduating from Suttons Bay High School he set sail to become a Laker at GVSU. In Noah's free time he enjoys playing basketball, serving in the community, hanging out with friends, and living out his faith. His particular interests, while serving in the community, usually involve working with the poor/homeless at The Love Feast, reaching out in youth ministry at The 3 Mile Project, and at Fairhaven Church. This summer he stood in three weddings, went to Wisconsin for the 4th of July, and enjoyed is time going to the beach. He hopes to transfer his love for serving, and ability to foster relationships, to the community of Grand Valley State University!


Taylor Ross--3rd Floor

I'm from Ypsilanti, MI, and I am majoring in Clinical Exercise Science. I plan on going into PT program after I am done with my undergrad degree. My favorite sport is tennis, I watch and play it recreationally. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends, experiencing new things, or watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! I try to take advantage of every day, because everyday is a new opportunity to grow and make better choices.

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