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Digital Cable Change

On Sunday, July 20, Charter Business is updating GVSU to digital cable service.  After the transition, only TVs with a Digital QAM tuner (aka “Digital Tuner”) in them will be able to receive signal. A Digital tuner allows your TV to receive the Digital or HD cable channels that Charter uses.  If a TV does not have a digital tuner, an error message will appear and you will not have cable service. Click HERE for what to do to update your television. 

Note: Since we began preparations for the conversion to digital cable, we anticiapted providing converter boxes (QAM tuners) to students who did not have televisions that were digital ready. Given updated information we have today, we will be unable to provide the necessary QAM tuner for residents. 

Our vendor provided us with specs on the model they tested and would work with their digital TV solution, but that conveter box/QAM tuner model is no longer being manufactured. As a result, we have decided not to provide used converter boxes for student use as quality control could be problematic.

If you will be bringing a television to campus, please be advised that you must have a digital-ready television in order to access the university provided cable service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have additional questions or wish to obtain the converter/QAM tuner information in order to puchase one (on Ebay, etc.), please contact the Housing office at 616-331-2120.  

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Phone (616) 331-2120 • housing@gvsu.edu