Welcome Days 2019

August 20-21, 2019

The Honors Mentor Council and office staff collaborate each year to help Honors students move in, get settled, and prepare for the university-wide Transitions program and the first weeks of classes. Here are a few photos from this year's Welcome Days!

Two students holding up their Honors shirts at Welcome Days 2019

Honors students standing in front of the shaved ice truck at Welcome Days

Honors students posing with their shaved ice at Honors Welcome Days 2019

Coeli Fitzpatrick speaking to students outside at Honors Welcome Days 2019

Roger Gilles speaking to Honors students at the closing ceremony of Welcome Days

Honors students standing outside at Welcome Days

Honors mentor Alonda Smith posing with her mentees

Honors students talking to an Honors mentor and professor Elizabeth Gansen

Honors students at their sequence meet-up during Welcome Days

Honors students sitting at the closing ceremony of Welcome Days