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Jenna Kuiper

Jenna Kuiper

Can you talk about your professors in this course?

My sequence was taught by Dr. Cataldo and Dr. Cimitile and I loved the dynamic they brought to class. I have never had a single class taught by two professors who were both professionals in different fields. Because of this, while studying different world issues and theories, I gained multiple perspectives that escalated my learning capabilities exponentially. Both professors were so helpful throughout the year and I could tell how much they not only cared about the curriculum but also the students. I have had multiple meetings with Dr. Cimitile and being able to have an outside relationship with my professor has been so helpful while navigating a new place. Not only this, but they both cultivated an open classroom dynamic where we all got to grow and learn with each other while also forming close relationships. 


What has been your favorite part of this class?

My favorite part of this class was all the thought-provoking conversations that we were able to have. It felt like a safe place to express my own thoughts and opinions, but also be able to grow from and listen to others. I also loved that the class was solely based on discussion rather than memorization of facts for tests and quizzes. This allowed me to come to class each day with a clear head ready to discuss and learn whatever our topic for the week was without having extra stress or pressure. 


How has this class helped you in your other classes/ future career?

This class truly gave me a new perspective on life. Many of the topics that we discussed were mentally challenging but allowed me to look at society differently. Because I am a Political Science major, many topics and theories that we discussed are very pertinent to my field of study, and I think that it was amazing to start my college career with a good base understanding. This class has helped me with my listening, understanding, and application of information skills that I will be able to take with me through school and life. 


What is your biggest takeaway from your sequence?

My biggest takeaway was the sense of belonging and community that this class gave me. Going to a bigger school is not always easy, but having a small community of professors and students that you are close to makes it much more welcoming. My sequence has truly made me think in a way that I never knew possible, and inspired me to go apply all these principles outside of class. Studying the powers that divide us as a country brought together a community of individuals who are ready and willing to begin solving real-world issues and for that, I am forever grateful. 

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