FALL 2018

HNR 201 01: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 8:30-9:45am HNR 218

Kurt Ellenberger

This course will learn about classical music in its many different eras from Gregorian Chant to the modern era. At the same time, we will engage with some of the founding documents and philosophies of Western Culture; in particular, we will focus on the concepts of freedom, individualism, and social responsibility that influenced the development of the modern world after the Reformation. This course is thus designed to provide a deep understanding of the important role that culture plays in the development of a nation and in the shaping of its art. These topics will be utilized for the further development and refinement of critical thinking, reasoning, reading, and writing skills.


HNR 201 02: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 8:30-9:45am HNR 236E

Meg Marshall


HNR 201 03: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 11:30-12:45pm HHLC 109A

Susan Mendoza

Have you ever wondered how you can change the world, just by being you?   This Live, Learn, Lead (LLL) section focuses on the intersection of leadership, authenticity, and voice as a means to be successful in one’s life, profession, and society. Students will explore various approaches to learning, leading, and the nature of education through studying various theoretical frameworks, reading diverse narratives, and authoring their own perspectives. Like all LLL sections, this class is framed in the tradition of liberal education and is designed to introduce students to the rigor of academic life, various disciplinary approaches to inquiry, and the intellectual engagement expected within the Honors College.


HNR 201 04: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: M 6-8:50pm HHLC 109A

Daniel Royer


HNR 201 05: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 4-5:15pm HNR 219

Kelly McDonell

How can you make the most out of your college experience? What resources, experiences, and activities will help to expand your world view and help you to become a more engaged member of society? Through discussion, experiential learning, readings, and more, these topics will be explored. Ultimately, this will lead to a better understanding of yourself and your fit in the world, which will help you to not only survive college, but thrive here.


HNR 201 06: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 2:30-3:45pm HON 148

Jane Toot

A rapidly growing population are the Aged.  This powerful influence presents as significant contributors or needy consumers.  The dilemma is maximizing the former while attending to the latter.  This course will examine this possible paradox through reflection on theoretical concerns and practical service applications in real life settings. 

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

 1. Reflect upon and incorporate the variables of aging into discussion and decision-making.

 2. Identify and utilize the possible interaction of saging and aging.

 3. Utilize aspects of saging in determination of activities for the aged as appropriate. 

 4. Engage in practical examples of saging/aging through co-curricular activities.


HNR 201 07: Live. Learn. Lead: An Introduction to Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 8:30-9:45am HHLC 209A

Pamela Galbraith



HNR 201 08: Live. Learn. Lead: Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 2:30-3:45pm HHLC 107A

Ahmad Jeddeeni

In today’s polarized society, dialogue is an essential tool to bridge differences between people. It is important for us to be able to engage others in conversation regardless of our sociocultural background to expand our worldview and gain an awareness of others. This class concentrates on equipping students with skills necessary to be active members in society and to take part in national dialogue. We will discuss trending social and political issues in the United States and worldwide. We will also explore global literature to help us be better intercultural communicators. Throughout the semester, students will be actively involved in on and off campus activities and events. 


HNR 201 09: Live. Learn. Lead: Life in Honors

Schedule: MWF 11:00-11:50am HON 218

Jeremiah Cataldo

Questions of identity, place, and power pervade every decision that individuals make. We choose, we behave, we enter into relations with others based on how we answer those questions--an activity even more profound when anchored within the legitimating framework of religion. This course will explore such questions, their answers, and how they impact us within the framework of religion. Toward that end, a basic presupposition--but one that will be tested--will be that religion is a cultural product that drives individual and group responses to questions of identity, place, and power.

HNR 201 11: Live. Learn. Lead: Life in Honors

Schedule: TR 10:00-11:15am HON 219

Jonathan White

This course is an introduction to college life and liberal education. It combines career planning and strategies for succeeding in the Meijer Honors College through a survey of intellectual history in Western Civilization.


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