Incoming Student Advising & Registration

Fall 2020 Students: This page includes information to help you prepare for your GVSU Advising & Registration process. Please read it carefully, then use the following four points as a checklist to ensure you have completed all of the necessary steps to prepare.

Signing for an Advising & Registration Date

The university is going virtual with all Advising & Registration sessions, so all Honors-specific dates scheduled for those months will also be held virtually. The Honors office staff, faculty, and student mentors are busy now preparing videos and other means of replicating our usual overnight orientation program - our effort to convey to you the fullness of the Honors experience. We will send more information about that later. To schedule a virtual advising appointment with an Honors Advisor please follow the process below.  

To schedule a virtual session, please write to with the following information: Full name, GVSU G-number and three possible dates that work for you. We will offer the one-hour virtual appointments Monday - Thursday, between the hours of 10am-3pm, from May 6 through July 30 (currently we are full until July 15 so please request dates after that date. Please note that the director of Advising and Registration works all summer to manage course enrollment, so regardless of your new advising and registration date, we will make sure you have a great schedule!). Also please understand that this will replace the original date signed up with Advising & Registration, but all Honors students should do a virtual appointment with an Honors Advisor. The following is a timeline students can expect for Advising & Registration:

  • Within 1-2 weeks of the student emailing their preferred dates to, they will receive a response with a confirmed date and assigned advisor.
  • About ten business days before the assigned date, an advisor will email the student with general information about how to prepare for their advising and registration appointment.
  • About 3-4 days before the appointment, the assigned advisor will email the student to confirm the appointment time and request additional information about academic interests and previous coursework from the student.
  • About 1-2 days prior to the appointment (and only after the student responds to the additional information request from the 3-4 day email), the link for the virtual appointment will be emailed, along with a draft schedule and curriculum guide(s).
  • An Orientation Student Assistant will call 1-2 days before the appointment to make sure the student is able to log in to banner, has responded to the request for information, and is set for their appointment. 


Once your session is scheduled please make sure and follow the steps below. 

  1. Browse the course offerings and choose your top three First-Year Interdisciplinary Sequences. 
  2. Browse the mentor list and choose your top three mentor preferences.
  3. Submit your sequence and mentor preferences using this form. The orientation date in this form is no longer relevant so please just choose a date closest to the one you originally were scheduled for to complete the form.
  4. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for sneak peeks of faculty, mentors, and life in Honors! 


Contact the Meijer Honors College Office at or leave a message at (616) 331-3219 if you have any questions. 

Choosing a First-Year Interdisciplinary Sequence

Incoming first-year students in Honors take a First-Year Interdisciplinary Sequence. We call them "sequences" because they are four connected courses taken over the entire first year—two in the fall and two in the winter. They are interdisciplinary explorations of a big topic, team taught by at least two faculty members. There are 16 different sequence options for 2020-21, and we would like to know which three sequences appeal to you most. Please take some time to look at the offerings and course descriptions. You should focus on those whose topics interest you or perhaps present a challenge to you. There is no need to align your sequence with your major; indeed, we recommend that you stretch yourself into topics without overt connections to your major. This is, after all, part of what we call your "general education." After you have reviewed the descriptions, please fill out the online form listing the sequence you wish to take in order of your preference, and provide a short rationale after it. Because Honors class sizes are limited, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get your first choice, but this information will help us when making sequence assignments. Please fill out this form ASAP—forms are processed in the order they are received.

Please keep in mind that most full-time students take four or five courses per semester, so in addition to the sequence, you'll register for other non-Honors courses during Advising & Registration.

Choosing a Mentor

Honors has about 65 upper-level Honors students who go through training to serve as mentors for the entering class. Each mentor takes on 5 to 7 first-year students, acting as your guide and friend as you get started in Honors and at the university as a whole. Our form invites you to submit three choices for a mentor based on the profiles you'll find here. You will use the Mentor ID number to indicate your preferences on the form, please enter a number only, no other text. Your assigned mentor will contact you in the summer (most likely July) and make arrangements to meet you when you come to campus. Feel free to reach out to your mentor with any questions you have in advance of Welcome Days. 

Honors Overnight Program

In most years, Honors students participate in two Honors orientation activities: Advising & Registration, which is when students build their academic schedule for the year and learn more about the campus and its offerings; and the Honors overnight orientation program, which invites students and their families to campus the night before Advising & Registration to spend time in our facilities, meet with current Honors students, faculty, and staff, and learn more about the program. Students are invited to spend the night in our Holton Hooker Learning & Living Center. It's a fun night that serves as the first step in acclimating Honors students to the program and university.

Because of the state-wide "shelter-at-home" policy now in effect due to the coronavirus, however, our usual May and June overnight orientation programs have been canceled, and instead we are offering a virtual alternative. Advising & Registration will take place during one-on-one virtual appointments with an Honors faculty or staff member. In place of the Honors overnight program, we're preparing a webpage with videos and documents that cover much of what we do during the overnights. For now, the university is still planning to offer regular on-campus Advising & Registration sessions in July and August. Currently, July 8 is designated as an Honors orientation date, and we have just added July 15 as a second date. We hope to invite all students, even those who got through Advising & Registration in May or June, to participate in July or August in either an overnight orientation or an open house of some kind. We will send out information about those possibilities when we know more about the coronavirus timetable.