Honors Impact Institute

August 11-17 will be a week filled with experiences to broaden your horizons and impact your world.

The Institute is limited to 35 students interested in getting a head start on their college experience, passionate about sustainability, and ready to make a lasting difference.

You will meet the leaders in Sustainability Efforts at GVSU, interact with expert researches, and work with members of the GVSU community  faculty, students, and staff  giving you an unique welcome and opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of people committed to our university and our broader world.

You will learn about various aspects of Sustainability and explore the broad People, Profit, Planet approach to Sustainability with lectures by a range of experts including Norman Christopher, the Director of GVSUs Sustainably Community Development Initiative. Other lectures address key issues like water, food, energy, and waste. Lecturers include Dr. Rick Rediski, whose work on water quality issues has taken him around the world, Dr. Dalila Kovacs, an internationally respected Green Chemist, and Dr. Arn Boezart, the Director of Michigans Alternative & Renewable Energy Center.

You will get a Sustainability tour of the Allendale Campus, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our campus and our sustainability efforts. The tour will feature our not only the buildings but the chance to meet the people that are making an impact in the various departments throughout campus including members of our Campus Dining, Facility Services, and Sustainable Community Development Initiative.

There will also be three panel discussions which will focus on sustainability curriculum on campus -- giving you an overview of the classes that emphasize sustainability at GVSU; research opportunities; and sustainability efforts and initiatives currently underway at GVSU.

You will chose the area that you wish to engage with and work with your peers and faculty members in a small group, allowing you to explore various aspects of the effort you have chosen. You will also share your ideas as you will present them to your peers and others from the GVSU community.

When this week concludes, you will know campus better than the majority of your classmates (including upper-classmen), you will have interacted with a number of key players in the field of sustainability, and you will be poised to take on leadership roles and assist in these efforts and make this year GVSUs most sustainable.

The total cost of the week  including early move-in to your campus home and meals  is $475. To learn more about the week, contact Dr. Kirsten Bartels at bartelki@gvsu.edu.

To register, please fill out the form and return by July 19, 2013 to:

Meijer Honors College, Grand Valley State University, 120 Niemeyer 4046 Calder Drive, Allendale, MI 49401 Attn: Robyn Toth. Fax: 616-331-3413

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