Fall 2021 Meijer Lecture Series Photos

Fall 2021 Meijer Lecture Panel

On Thursday, September 16th, the Meijer Lecture Series continued with a special guest, GVSU Alumnus, Aaron Radelet, who is global chief communications officer and senior vice president at Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), which ranks #16 on the Fortune 500 and is a global leader in retail pharmacy. WBA employs more than 450,000 team members, operates stores in 25 countries, including Walgreens, Boots, and Duane Reade pharmacies, and was recently listed as one of Time’s “100 Most Influential Companies.” Aaron leads communications across all of WBA – externally, internally, and for every brand. WBA has been front and center during this period’s largest news story, the COVID-19 pandemic, with massive coverage on testing, vaccinations, and more. It was also widely seen as one of the businesses leading the way during the racial justice movement with multiple Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts as well as clinics and resources in underserved communities. Aaron serves as the executive sponsor of WBA’s LGBTQ+ business resource group.

Dr. Roger Gilles introduces speaker Aaron Radelet

Dr. Roger Gilles introduces speaker Aaron Radelet.

Aaron Radelet speaks at the podium.

Aaron Radelet speaks at the podium.

A large crowd gathers for the event.

About 70 people attended the event.

Professor Tim Penning.

Professor Tim Penning asks a question.

Aaron Radelet responds to a question.

Aaron Radelet formulates a response.

Students watch and listen.

Thoughtful students observe the exchange.

Aaron Radelet laughing

Aaron Radelet and students enjoy a laugh together.

Students take notes.

Students take notes on valuable information from the lecture.

Students ask questions

Students are eager to ask questions.

Students watch and observe

Students watch and observe the lecture.

Students applaud Aaron Radelet at the end of the event.

Applause from students after the lecture.

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