Events: Fall 2020

Honors Mentor Council and ANCHOR Events

Honors Programming & Engagement Survey: We know that this COVID business is really throwing a wrench in our plans and the Zoom / hybrid life is...exhausting.  So help us dream up some Honors Programming that's fun and engaging, opportunities that we actually want to go to!  Right now everything is virtual, but we want to think ahead too. Click here to fill out the survey with your suggestions. 

Q&A Sessions this month will be on October 15, and October 29 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Do you have a quick question that you aren't sure who to ask? Want to hear what questions students do have? Watch the newsletter and our social media each week to see as there might be special guests joining in. 

Username Exchange: Hey FMHC community! We know times are weird right now but here is a way to get connected and have some fun with other fellow honors students! Take a look through the google form and see if you would like to input your username for any of the apps/games and we will send an email out to everyone who signed up for the same app/game so you can connect and play with each other! It is completely voluntary so please do not enter any information you do not wish to be shared with other honors students but we assure you, all of your information will be confidential. Happy connecting! Click here to share your usernames.


Event Calendar Oct/Nov

Join the Undocumented & DACA Peer Support Group at GVSU. Contact Adriana Almanza for more information. 


Campus Events

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