A Design Thinking Series For Educators In Holland Presented By Jason Pasatta

April 27, 2017

A Design Thinking Series For Educators In Holland Presented By Jason Pasatta

Introduction to Design Thinking, JUNE 15 & 16
We hear an awful lot about the need for our educational systems, schools, and
classrooms to prepare students for the new “Creative Economy” – one in which
what students know will matter less than their creative capacities and abilities.
Yet, what do classrooms that support this type of learning and skill
development look like? Within this course, participants will have the
opportunity to learn about and experience Design Thinking as a playful,
practical, and impactful approach that can help develop learners that master
core content standards AND are critical thinkers, flexible and adaptable, and
Designed Thinking and High Impact Communication: From Story Telling
to Viz Comm, JULY 27 & 28

In a world where media overload and new forms of communication will likely
grow as opposed to recede, students (and you!) will need to learn how to
communicate in new and high-impact ways in order to get their ideas and
concepts across to others. In addition, there is a growing emphasis is schools
to integrate English Language Arts standards and skills across the curriculum.
Within this course, participants will explore different forms of high impact
communication (from story telling to visual communication) in the context of
Design Thinking and how it can support the acquisition of English Language
skills across the curriculum.
Design Thinking and Prototyping: Making Student Learning Visible,
AUG 10 & 11

We exist in a world in which the content and skills students are expected to
learn is growing more and more complex. As a result of this, how students
demonstrate evidence of learning these skills needs to become more
differentiated as well. Within this course, participants will learn about and
experience prototypes and prototyping as part of the Design Thinking process.
Participants will have the opportunity to interact and play with new technologies
such as 3-D printers and programmable objects as a way for students to
express and demonstrate what they have learned.
Jason is the Development Director within the Ottawa Area Intermediate School
District (OAISD), which serves 55,000 public and non-public school students over
an area that covers 742 square miles within the Ottawa Area of West Michigan.
Within this position, he has developed and is championing the futurePREP'd
Program, an initiative that connects education, business, and the community to
provide relevant learning options for both educators and students.
Prior to joining the OAISD in 2010, Jason worked for the Chicago Public Schools
as the Technology Magnet Administrator. While there he developed and
implemented a Technology Magnet Program within 19 schools from across the city,
many of which were located in Chicago’s highest-need neighborhoods.
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