MIOSHA Training: Construction - 10-hour course

Date and Time

Monday, December 11, 2017 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Holland Campus, Room 104


This 10-hour program presents an overview of MIOSHA regulations for the construction industry. Detailed information is presented to enable the participant to develop an accident prevention plan as required by Rule 114 of MIOSHA Construction Safety Standard Part 1, General Rules. An overview of MIOSHA inspection procedures is presented, as well as the most frequently cited MIOSHA violations in the construction industry. Participants gain detailed information regarding construction and health standards relative to the industry. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing hazards and describing safe work practices to eliminate or control those hazards. Students will receive both MIOSHA and OSHA 10-hour cards upon successful completion of the class

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More information may be obtained by contacting Grand Valley State University's Center for Adult & Continuing Studies office at or 616-331-7180.


This event also occurs on 5/31/16, 6/1/16 and 12/12/17


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