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Implement Centralized Waste Hubs

After making the decision to move toward zero-landfill, it is important to do all that you can to make sure that your campus community or individuals within your organization make smart decisions when disposing of their waste. One way to do this is to implement conveniently located centralized waste hubs and remove individual trash and recycling cans from personal offices, classrooms, and other spaces.

If you're interested ensuring that your waste is being disposed of responsibility, download our How To Implement Centralized Waste Hubs document, Tips and Tricks guide, and Centralized Waste Hub Signage.

Move Toward Zero Landfill

Our green team decided that we wanted to move toward zero landfill,  and so we developed a systematic approach to examining our current practices and procedures, developing a waste-baseline, and the modifying our practices as appropriate.

If you'd like to move your campus or organization closer to zero-landfill, download our "How To Move Toward Zero-Landfill" document, and check out "How To Implement Centralized Hubs".


Learn With and From the Community

In trying to ensure a broadly represented campus Green Team that already included faculty, staff and students, we realized that we were missing the voice of the community on the team. What started out as just attending Green Team meetings has grown into a mutually beneficial relationship where we help each other grow and stretch.  To learn more about how you can engage with your community, check out our "Learning With and From Community Neighbors" document.


Form a Green Team

A Green Team is a group of dedicated individuals who play various roles in your organization that are related to sustainability. At the Meijer Campus in Holland, this means students, faculty, staff, and community members.

A Green Team typically meets on a regular basis to discuss new initiatives, evaluate practices, and plan programming related to sustainability for your organization and/or community. Interested in learning more? Take a look at our step by step guide on How To Create A Green Team.

Page last modified January 21, 2015