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Alex Jablonski, History '11

Alex Jablonski, History '11

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Competing for the Breen Prize was such an important experience for me as an undergraduate.  I first submitted an essay as a junior, and it was one of the first occasions I'd had to take something I'd written for class and really polish it.  That experience, I think, set me on the path for graduate school -- as well as underscored a love that I have for the process of writing.  I took a job the next year in Grand Valley's writing center and discovered there just how much fun it is to help others sort out their ideas and find their voices on paper.  Working with students on their writing has been central to my teaching and advising ever since.

I am sure that it was Professor Shapiro Shapin who encouraged me to apply for it, as she did for quite a few other things (including that writing center job).  I will be forever grateful for her support and for all of the wonderful mentors and advocates I found in Grand Valley's history department.

November 2021

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