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Eric Pinder, History & Secondary Education '21

Eric Pinder, History & Secondary Education '21

Interest Area(s)
History, Education

Eric learned about the Niemeyer Scholarship and the Breen Prize award from university communications and announcements around the Mackinac History wing. Some professors also encouraged him to apply. He put a lot of time reading sources for a paper he wrote for an honors course, so he chose one in particular that he found exceptional and praised its value to his own research as well as the author's writing ability. Eric was ecstatic to hear that he actually won the Neimeyer Scholarship; he applied for it in previous years so it came as a big surprise. Not only did the money help him finish strong in his senior year, but the award also encouraged him to take the extra time to read books. Eric is now a teacher, and while it is incredibly busy and time-consuming, he tries to find the time to learn more about complex topics through reading every day, and encourages his students to do the same.

For the Breen Prize, Eric put a lot of time and energy into his research paper for a Dirty Wars in Latin America honors course, and figured he might as well enter the paper into the contest for a chance to win. He was ecstatic to hear that he won the award, and not only did the prize money help him finish strong in his senior year, but the award also encouraged him to pursue further research pursuits. While teaching high school English classes, he is able to help young students develop effective researching and writing skills. His hope is to advance his degree and perform more research in the next few years.

November 2021

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