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Closed Class Permit

NOTE: This form is for History and Group Social Studies Permits Only

Closed Class Permits are not approved until after payment deadline for each semester.

  1. The student must request and receive an e-mail from the instructor of the closed class indicating that they are granting permission for the student to attend the class.
  2. The instructor's e-mail must be copied in the "Professor's Permission" box (formerly the Exceptional Circumstances box) on the Closed Class Permit Form.
  3. The instructor's e-mail approval does not automatically allow the student to register for the class.
  4. After the permit is submitted, the student will receive an e-mail from concerning the request.
  5. If approval to attend the class is granted, the student will be responsible to then register for the class.

Personal Information
ex: G00000000
Course Information

Explain why you (student) are requesting the Close Class Permit. An example of such a reason is that you have completed all other requirements for graduation.

Specify the reason in concrete detail:
Note: This does not suffice to say that the course is a prerequisite for another course, unless, there is also a clear and cogent explanation of why you cannot meet this requirement in a later semester.

Instructor's Permission E-Mail

Please include a copy of the instructor's email giving you permission to take the class.