Professor David Terry

David Terry, Office: MAK D-1-134, Office Phone #(616) 331-3184, david.terry@gvsu.edu

Visiting Assistant Professor

Fields: History of Piracy, World History, Medieval Mediterranean, Medieval Spain

Degrees: Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2017

Professor Terry teaches courses on World History, European History and the History of Piracy, but his research focus is on trade and Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations in the later medieval Mediterranean.  His dissertation examined the identity politics of a series of pirate attacks in the early fourteenth century.  His current book project is a microhistorical analysis of one particular attack from 1301, in which a ship full of Muslim and Christian merchants worked together to avoid a pirate attack, but when it happened anyway, began suing each other over the losses.  The result is a complicated snapshot of the Convivencia that brought members of different faiths into contact with one another in the later Middle Ages.