Area Studies and Study Abroad

Area Studies

For any history major and minor, an exploration of the globe is necessary. Grand Valley State boasts a number of vibrant Area Studies programs that allow History students to explore the globe through a multi-disciplinary framework in conjunction with global history courses taken within the department. It is highly recommended that every History major also pick up an Area Studies minor, according to their interests, as part of a global-oriented education, so crucial to understanding and succeeding in our world today. Please explore the various Area Studies options, listed below. These programs also offer a rich array of events, scholarly presentations, films, and interactive activities for students and faculty throughout the course of the academic year.   

African and African American Studies

WEB Dubois

East Asian Studies


Latin American and Latino/a Studies


Middle East Studies


Study Abroad

Another crucial dimension of any History student's experience at GVSU and their global-oriented education is the opportunity to study abroad. GVSU collaborates on a wide range of study abroad options. Most regular faculty members within the department are also equipped to discuss many of these options with students on a one-on-one basis. Some of our faculty members even lead specific study abroad programs. Feel free to come speak with any regular faculty member about these options. Also click below for a link to the Padnos International Center to explore these options as well.