Work Life

Sound Mind, Healthy Body

Work Life is simply a connection between your work and your life. Life can be full of stressors, large and small, at home and at work. GVSU Work Life is your link to information, resources, support and referrals on most any concern that you may experience, whether personal or work related. We can provide you with fast referrals to experts who can help and support for most any life event - womb to tomb.


Emotional Health & Counseling WorkLife Balance
Encompass [Employee Assistance Service]
- Financial & Legal Service
- Convenience Services Alzheimer's and Caregivers Support Group
Cancer Warriors Network
Substance Abuse Resources
Retiree Information
The Happiness Spot!
Stress Management
- What is Stress Parent Resources
- New Parents
- Events
- GVSU Policies for Parents
- Summer Camps Elder Care
Career Engagement Additional Resources Career Coaching Services
Financial Fitness
Conflict Management
Flexible Work Arrangements GVSU Family Friendly Resource Guide
Volunteer Opportunities



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