Well-being Grants

Grand Valley State University actively supports and promotes a culture of health and well-being for all campus community members. Research shows that healthy behaviors are directly correlated to those individuals that we spend a majority of our time with. If a co-worker exhibits healthy behaviors, we are more likely to as well. The built environment can influence our behaviors.

Guidelines for Well-being Grant Funds

·Funds are for work units seeking funding for health and wellness efforts in their specific work area, and all participants benefit equitably from the grant project.

·Requested funds may not exceed $10 per person.

·Grants are available for GVSU departments. 

·First qualified are first served as funding is limited, and funding is based upon fiscal year. Only one wellness grant per applicant (work unit) will be awarded each fiscal year.

·Applications should be environmentally conscious and must promote physical and/or emotional well-being.

·Well-Being Grant funds should directly impact participant’s health in a measurable way. Staff appreciation or morale-boosting efforts are not the purpose for the well-being grant.

·All employees in your unit have access to participation in the activity/program/event.

·All University regulations have been followed.

·Commitment by the unit to complete outcome evaluation of Well-being Grant.

Within 30 days of completion of the Well-being Grant project, applicant must provide:

  1. Participant list of those in attendance and/or those benefiting from the Wellness Grant project.
  2. Photo documentation of activity.
  3. Any health-related, participation, or satisfaction outcomes.
  4. Identify how the program will be maintained over time, if applicable.



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Ideas for Well-being Grants

Generally, Well-being Grants will be awarded to applications that focus on top behavioral health risk areas for Grand Valley State University faculty and staff:

  • Maintaining and achieving a healthy weight.
    • Physical Activity: Walking groups, stretching breaks, access to equipment and shower facilities.
    • NutritionPacking a healthy lunch, smart snacking, reducing unhealthy options in the workplace.
  • Managing and reducing stress.
    • Quiet rooms or meditation spaces.
    • Access to lunch rooms/spaces away from the desk or office space.

Listed below are activities to consider for Well-being Grant funding, however, we welcome creative and original applications, as well:

 Sit / Stand Workstation (Physical and Occupational Wellness)

  • Your department may use Wellness Grant funding to fully fund (up to $500) a sit/stand workstation. The benefits of being able to move from sitting to standing throughout the day are numerous.
  • Your department has two options if applying for funding for a sit/stand workstation.

Option 1: Place the sit/stand workstation in an accessible area so that multiple users can access it. We suggest placing this space as a resource or room in Outlook for individuals to reserve it on a one-two hour basis. A plan for maintenance and upkeep of this shared resource needs to be provided in the application.

Option 2: Place the sit/stand workstation in a trial area from two-three weeks allowing for multiple people to test out the equipment. Allow all testers to enter into a drawing to win the use of the workstation at the end of the trial period.

Please note: The Well-being Grant funding guideline of no more than $10 per eligible individuals still applies. Thus, if your department has 25 people, the maximum amount of funding awarded will be $250.

Take the Stairs (Environmental and Physical Wellness)

  • Do you work in a building where the stairs are overlooked or forgotten? Follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s best practices guidelines along with your building’s policies for signage to highlight and promote stair use over elevator use. It is up to the applying individuals to work within building requirements, fire code, and any office administrative approvals needed (i.e. Building Coordinator, Department Director, etc.). GVSU Take the Stairs Signs and graphics are available online at www.gvsu.edu/takethestairs

Walking Group/Pedometer Program (Physical Activity and Weight Management)

  • Work with a staff member from Human Resources Health and Wellness to purchase pedometers for participants and arrange for an educational session on using the pedometers, as well as setting up a group walking program for accountability and support.

Healthy Lunch Packing/Lunch Bags

  • Work with a staff member from Human Resources Health and Wellness to purchase reusable lunch bags for participants and arrange for an educational session on packing a healthy and budget-friendly lunch.

Note: Any weight-loss type program proposal is required to have a Human Resources Health and Wellness staff member consult with them on program parameters and ‘rules.’ While weight loss challenges are very popular, it’s important that evidence-based and safe weight loss guidelines are used.


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Process to Apply

  1. Complete the Well-being Grant Application Form
  2. You will be contacted within 5-10 business days to discuss your application.
  3. You will be notified within 30 calendar days if your application will be funded.
    1. Applications are reviewed by a team of GVSU Human Resources Health and Wellness staff.
    2. Suggestions or changes to the application may be recommended.
    3. Funds will be transferred to the appropriate FOAP.
  4. Within 30 days of program implementation, documentation of events needs to be submitted via email to desarmli@gvsu.edu.

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After utilizing Wellness Grant funding, complete and submit the online Well-being grant evaluation form. Please send itemized receipts and photos to desarmli@gvsu.edu.


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Page last modified April 13, 2017