Weight Loss Programs in West Michigan


Better Life Unlimited promotes healthier living through responsibility, accountability, and conscious decision making. They provide programs, products, and plans for improving your personal health. They offer a 30 day weight loss plan that includes a mini cleanse, discipline, and portion controls. They will guide you each step of the way and motivate you to continue to live healthy by providing recipes for you after the program. A fitness plan is also included in this weight loss program. It will provide you with the tools to stay active and coincide with the meals you are consuming to encourage maximum weight loss. Another program offered is a Boot Camp for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. In addition, they offer assessments to determine what risk you are at for a chronic disease. This will help you focus your weight loss goals so that you can avoid serious illnesses.

Visit www.blionline.com for more information or reach the staff by email at blu@betterlifeunlimited.com. They are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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Curves is a fitness facility specifically designed for women. They offer general fitness training in addition to a weight loss program. The weight loss program is a 90 day diet and exercise routine. It consists of 30 minute circuits on strength machines with 30 seconds of recovery in between. While you are exercising, you are also following your own personalized diet plan. This plan will be created specifically for you because you get to go online and actually type in your interests and weaknesses. Nutritionists on staff for the franchise business will then plan a 90 day diet around your needs. The diet has three phases associated with it. You will begin with phase one where you are only allowed to consume 1200 calories a day. Once you graduate from phase one, you can move up to phase two which is a 1500 calories per day diet. Phase three is last and consists of a 2000 calories per day diet. This phase is generally reached if you reach a plateau in your workouts.

Curves also offers a weight maintenance program where you can monitor your weight and get back into the program at phase one again if needed. Women 18 and older are welcome to join curves. However, if you are 15 years old and feel the need to join, you can as long as you have parental consent. The membership fee is $199. If you are not a member and want to participate in the 90 day weight loss program, then the fee is $299. The Rockford Curves currently has this program, but Curves is in the process of adding this 90 day program to every location.

Visit www.curves.com for more details.

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ENCOMPASS believes health and wellness to be necessary components to improving one's work/life and well-being. Taking small steps every day can promote great change and positive results in your life. For more information on how ENCOMPASS can help you enhance your health and wellness, don't wait - contact today!



username: gvsu



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Grand Health Partners offers both medical and surgical weight loss programs as well as emotional support. Medical patients will meet with a support group, while surgical patients will meet with a behaviorist on staff. There are three medical and four surgical programs.

You must be 18 years or older to partake in any of these programs. For the medical programs, you are also required to meet with a dietician and exercise physiologist individually to discuss how the program will suit you. Each medical program includes meeting times once a week. During this time you will meet with your doctor individually, weigh in, and then join your group for topic discussion. Surgical patients are required to meet with a doctor/surgeon and undergo a psychology examination.

The medical programs include:

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD): 16 weeks, 800cal/day

Slim & Trim: 16 weeks, 1100cal/day

Modified: per person

The surgical programs include:

Lap Band


Sleeve Gastrectomy

Duodenal Switch

Roux NY (RNY)

Support groups after all of the programs are offered. These are free of charge. Feel free to contact Kathy Conway at kconway@grandhealthpartners.com for medical weight loss program information.

Visit www.grandhealthpartners.com for more details.


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Weight loss challenge offered to members. Registration begins every year in January. You can register at any of the five health centers. You will first partake in an initial evaluation. Here, you will weigh in and get measurements done such as BMI. If you are deemed suitable for the program then you will continue on in the process. Suitable in this case refers to needing to lose at least 12lbs/week for 12 months. Once suitable, the next step is to meet with a nutritionist twice throughout the year. There are ongoing classes offered as well. These classes range in their content. Some include Weight Learn/Management, Healthy Heart, Low Impact Exercise Classes, Diabetes Education, and Intuitive Eating. These classes are all offered to support and motivate you throughout the year. A staff member will also be with you every step of the way to answer any of your questions via the communication system set up between the two of you. They can offer advice, exercises, and recipes through this. Members of this health plan have the cost covered by their employers.

Visit www.gvhp.com for more details.

Checkout Priority Health's Diabetes Prevention Program

Click Join today to see which regions classes will be offered in, and what is available at this time.

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GVSU Farmers Market

The main objective of the Grand Valley State University Farmers Market is to create an atmosphere where local food vendors can collaborate with GVSU in delivering fresh and wholesome food for staff, faculty, students, and surrounding community members, generating profits for local farms while also providing the community nutritional food options. We can make a difference, and have fun doing it. Together we can plant the seed to LIVE BETTER BY CHOICE.

Visit our website at www.gvsu.edu/farmersmarket


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At GVSU Campus Recreation, they value life-long health services. Their goals are to create programs that enhance your quality of life. Multiple programs are offered including:

  • Glucose/Diabetes Clinic - Personal Training
  • Personal Exercise Programs - Fitness Testing
  • Fitness Consultations - Fitness Outreach
  • Adapted Fitness - Body Composition Testing
  • Nutrition Services

Each one of the programs listed above are personalized to fit your weight loss goals and just engage you in a healthier lifestyle. Visit www.gvsu.edu/rec for more information or feel free to contact the recreation center at 616-331-3659, ask for Amy Campbell.


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GVSU Weight Watchers at Work actually works with your life instead of against it. Because it's not a diet. Its a smarter way to eat and live. You'll learn how to have a healthy relationship with food so you can finally lose the weight without losing your life. Find weight-loss success right at work with Weight Watchers. You can join your current Weight Watchers at Work meeting series at any time.

Feel free to register for this program at www.gvsu.edu/healthwellness/weight-watchers-work-101.htm for more details.


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Hackley Health Management offers Health Management Resources (HMR) to those 18 and older. There are a variety of program choices to suit your individual needs. These vary from clinic to at-home programs. In the clinic there are both The HMR Decision-Free Diet and The HMR Healthy Solutions Diet. Your program can be individualized or you can choose to join a group class. The classes meet weekly and the prices depend on how long you attend. Tracking of your progress can be completed online or in person with a HMR staff member.

For more information, please visit the website at www.hackleyhealthmanagement.com or by email at info@hackleyhealthmanagement.com. If you have program or wellness questions contact Carrie Kelly at kellyca@mercyhealth.com.


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At Helen DeVos, the staff chooses to focus on lifestyle education and weight maintenance. They provide programs for children ages 5-17 years old. Parents can choose one or both of the two programs offered by the hospital. The first is an 8 week program in the clinic. The child will meet with the entire staff to help with their individual problem areas. They will meet with a physician, exercise physiologist, dietician, social worker, and a psychologist if deemed appropriate. Meetings will be held once a week for the 8 weeks, and each meeting can cost up to $40-$80. The cost varies based on insurance coverage. There is also a $20 consultation fee. The second program option is a 6 month evening program. This takes place once a week at the Grand Rapids YMCA. At these meetings specific topics will be discussed as a group. Parents are encouraged to attend. Some examples of the topics discussed include messages the media are sending, nutrition with a focus on the exact content of the food you consume, and other health and body related issues. Most of the topics are geared towards the parents since they are the ones that can make the change for their families. The cost of this program is $260 and this includes a YMCA membership.

Further questions may be addressed to Patricia Stephan. Her email address is patricia.stephan@helendevoschildren.org or you can reach her by phone at 616-391-7999.

Visit www.helendevoschildrens.org/healthyweightcenter for more details.

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Herbalife offers products to help manage your weight:


Trying to lose weight? Not seeing results? Herbalife's Weight Management solutions are for you. Combining cutting-edge science with delicious shakes and snacks, Herbalife's Weight Management products can help you lose those unwanted pounds.


Visit www.herbalife.com for more details.


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Holland Hospital Center for Good Health offers various 5 week fitness programs that are ongoing every day. These programs can range from personal training, to cardio, to yoga. There is even a Winter Warriors program offered. Cost of these classes start at $30. For a full list of programs offered, please visit www.hollandhospital.org and click on classes and events.

Holland Hospital Center for Good Health also offers wellness coaching. These are sessions where you can meet with a registered dietician and/or a personal trainer to discuss issues one-on-one. Your issues can be geared towards weight loss if needed. Cost of this coaching depends on how long you attend the sessions.

The fitness classes and wellness coaching offered are located at an offsite fitness and conference center. You will be able to get away from the hospital setting and participate in physical activity comfortably in a group or one-on-one setting. For more information, please address your questions to Michelle Stickel at michst@hollandhospital.org or by phone at 616-394-3344.


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Jenny Craig Company has been in business for over 20 years. Their mission is to provide dietary guidelines for every client. Eating and maintaining a balanced diet is very important to them. They focus on food and recommend activities that will aid in living a healthier lifestyle. Their program is for ages 13 and older. Those under 18 must have a signed consent form provided by their parent(s)/guardian(s). They have a few programs to choose from:

Trial: this is for weight loss only and meets for 4 weeks

Maintenance: This is for weight loss maintenance and lasts up to 2 years. An initial consult is made where the clients current weight, weight goal, and demographics will be recorded. Based off of these values, Jenny Craig will provide a recommended caloric intake value. Clients will also have their metabolism recorded by a BodyMedia Armband.

Diabetic: this program aids those who have been diagnosed as diabetic and need help from a doctor trying to find the right foods and what amounts to consume

A weekly one-on-one consultation will be set up that last about 20 minutes. It will provide you with the opportunity to set up plans for next week and answer any questions you may have. Any program that a client can sign up for also has the same consumption schedule. You are allowed breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and some perishable items. Once you lose half of your weight goal, Jenny Craig will stop providing their food to you and wean you onto your own food. Once your goal weight loss is met, then there is a slight transition period where Jenny Craig will monitor your food intake until you feel comfortable on your own. The entire experience can be with one consultant or many. At Jenny Craig, they feel that it is best to try and expand your horizon and see as many consultants as you can. The more people you interact with, the better the experience will become. You can also track each one of your changes in your meal plan online where the consultants can also help you. The track lists can range from menus, checklists, websites, metabolic math, and more. Overall, you will receive an experience that focuses on food, body, and mind.

Visit www.jennycraig.com for more details.


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We are a comprehensive, medically supervised, non-surgical program that focuses on behavior change.  Our program is 20 weeks long, participants meet once weekly to weigh in and go over the week’s lesson (nutrition, exercise, and behavior lessons) in a group setting of 6-12 people.  We do use a meal replacement as research shows this is the safest, most effective way to lose weight in a set time frame and provides structure until participants have the knowledge and confidence to make healthier choices.  


Please visit our website below for further information and do not hesitate to contact Kim Meeuwsen with any questions/comments you may have at Phone: 616.295.5098 



Medical Weight Loss is a program that is specifically suited to you. It is completely on an individual basis. Programs are offered to those 10 and older. There are a variety of programs that differ depending on how much weight you need to lose and in what time frame. Medical supplements are offered, but in some cases they are not needed. You can log on to their website and find a location near you. A personal nutrition consult will be set up to discuss how much weight you are advised to lose by what time. During this consult you will partake in tests such as weigh-ins, blood pressure, and glucose screenings. After, an entire program suited to you will be explained. Emotional support is offered throughout and is encouraged. The total cost of your program really depends on your needs.

For GVSU faculty and staff discount information go to: https://www.gvsu.edu/healthwellness/medical-weight-loss-clinic-discount-429.htm for more details.

Visit www.mwlc.com for more details.


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Mercy Health Partners offers a number of programs that can help you eat better, develop an effective exercise routine, and in some cases, achieve your weight-loss goals through minimally invasive surgery. All of their programs are under the Center for Weight Management. Some programs include Hackley Health Management, Medical Weight Management, Teens on the Move, Diabetes Self-Management, Eating Disorders Counseling, and Bariatric Surgery. For more information, call 231-672-4325.

Visit https://www.mercyhealth.com/ for more details.


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Mercy Health Physician Partners

Looking for weight loss surgery? Mercy Health Physician Partners offers various surgical procedures. Visit www.mercyhealthphysicianpartners.com or call 616-685-6900 for more information. They have offices in both Grand Rapids and Wyoming, Michigan.


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MVP Sportsplex offers a 10 week long weight loss challenge for those 18 and older. It is called The Body Transformation Challenge. MVP hosts this challenge three times a year. You have the option of signing up for one, two or three times per week for the 10 weeks. When you come in for your sessions, you will have you body weight and percentage of body fat measured using a bioelectrical impedance machine. A nutrition session is also required once per week no matter how often you are coming. You will also participate in group fitness classes. These are taught by a personal trainer. At the end of the 10 weeks a male and female winner will be drawn from a pot. The pot is for all classes whether you are signed up for the once, twice or three times per week. Activity points go into the pot. These points can be earned by working out on your own, working with a personal trainer at a one-on-one session or just coming in for your class session. Each activity is weighted the same. The winner of the challenge will win a $300 gift card to MVP Sportsplex.

Prices of the class vary. You do not need a membership to participate, but the prices of the class increase without one. An MVP membership fee is $80 per month and decreases with the amount of people you add on. The Body Transformation Challenge prices are listed below:

Membership Prices Non-Member Prices

Once/week: $300 Once/week: $425

Twice/week: $550 Twice/week: $800

Three times/week: $800 Three times/week: $1,175

Visit www.mvpsportsclubs.com for more details.

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North Ottawa Community Hospital offers both medical and surgical weight loss programs. North Ottawa Community Health System offers Medical Weight Loss services within their Bariatric Clinic. Medical Weight Loss is a non-surgical, medically supervised treatment program that helps patients lose weight safely and maintain their weight loss. Bariatric surgery is offered to those 16 and older. Your first step in this process will be to receive screenings from your doctor and emotional support. The emotional support will be provided by a behaviorist and dietician. For a full brochure click here.

The cost of surgical weight loss varies depending on insurance coverage. For more information, please contact Mary Reau at mreau@noch.org or by phone at 616-607-8136.

Visit www.noch.org for more details.


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Nutrition N More offers 8 week weight loss challenge programs. These programs are offered to those 14 years or older. The challenge consists of consults and classes once a week. These meetings can be individual or group based. Families are also welcome to do the challenge together. When you first come in for your consult you will be evaluated. Your BMI, body fat percentage, caloric intake, and protein levels will be measured. Your coach will then provide resources for you to lose weight. These resources will be based on your weight loss goals. Their advice and recommendations can be taken home with you and you can then implement the suggestions into your life. There is a website where you can track the changes made to your life. Everyone can participate. Even the coaches will be able to see your progress. Some of the classes offered during the challenge include information on protein, digestive health, and lifestyle changes. This company does not believe in diets. They only offer an Herbalife supplement that supports your general well-being.

The cost for this challenge is $35 per person. As an incentive, the registration fee will go into a pot that you can win if you lose a high percentage of body fat. First place wins 50% of the pot, second place wins 30% of the pot, and third place wins 20% of the pot. Places are based on the percentage of body fat that you lose. Additionally, every person must put $1 in a separate pot for every pound they gain. This pot will be offered to the person that loses a high percentage of body fat and excludes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Not only will you receive specialty treatment from educated coaches, you will also be able to come in to a comfortable coffee shop setting and communicate with others around you who are going through the same issues. Nutrition N More is meant to engage you in a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime. Contact Dorris Flockhart at dorris@nutrition-n-more.com for questions.

Visit www.nutrition-n-more.com for more details.

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Overeaters Anonymous is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of support group meeting times each month. They are offered in both Grand Rapids and Hudsonville. Please call 616-336-1359 for more information on meeting times, locations, and contact information. You can also visit www.oa.org for more information.


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Priority Health is primarily a health insurance provider. Through their products and tools, they encourage people to live healthier lifestyles. Wellness classes, on nutrition and fitness for example, are offered at locations near you. Worksite Wellness is also promoted. Just visit www.priorityhealth.com for more information and locations near you.

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Please visit www.spectrumhealth.org or call Birtha Brown, at 616-391-1875 for more information.


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Spectrum Health Medical Group offers a variety of weight loss programs to the general public. Most insurance companies cover the cost, and in some cases it is completely free to the consumer. Both medical and surgical weight loss is offered. You will be provided with emotional support for both kinds of weight loss as well as undergoing evaluations and educational classes. Surgeries require a psychiatric evaluation beforehand and support is offered afterwards. Medical weight loss has three main programs to help lose weight and one to assist in weight maintenance. Before each program a free orientation is offered to those with appropriate insurance (anything except Medicaid; Priority Health Medicaid is accepted). After this, you can choose whether or not to start a program.

Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD): 17 week long program. It consists of eating the food Spectrum Health provides you for the majority of the program, and then incorporating your own food into the diet at the end.

Modified Trim: 17 week program. It consists of eating the food that Spectrum Health provides you for half of the program, and then incorporates your own food for the other half of the program.

Trim: 12 weeks. It consists of eating your own food, but with the help of Spectrum Health. You will have a doctors appointment beforehand as well as weekly intake appointments.

Every program has requirements. You must see a doctor on an individual basis first before engaging in a program. This will be provided by Spectrum Health. It will be a weight loss specialist. After that the diet food is given to you and you will have intake checkups along the way. These check-ups will involve meeting with a dietician one-on-one. Additionally, Spectrum Health offers educational classes revolving around weight loss issues. These will be held once a week for 1.5-2 hours. One instructor will teach a large group in the clinic. Topics change each week.

Live It: A weight loss maintenance program designed to provide advice and offer support. You will be able to share thoughts and ideas with others in the group. Most of the educational meetings are covered by insurance. If you continue to attend 25 or more meetings over the course of a year, they will be free of charge to you. This is to ensure an overall healthy lifestyle.

Visit www.shmg.org for more details.


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The YMCA of Grand Rapids offers a 7 week weight loss program to those 18 years of age or older. It is called Ready, Set, Move. The classes meet twice a week on either Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30am-6:30am or Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6pm-7pm. Every class is taught by a Certified Personal Trainer. When you enter the class you will partake in a total body age test. This is a test of strength, flexibility, and BIA (a body age assessment). You will be weighed once a week and set your own goals. Each time you meet you will spend 15 minutes talking about your goals (why you did or did not reach them) and setting new goals. After discussion, you will partake in a fitness class created by the Personal Trainer. Everything is done in a group setting. The discussions are held in a classroom and the fitness classes are in the gym and human performance lab on site. You can expect to increase your strength, flexibility, knowledge, and nutrition base by attending this class. Your stress levels will be decreased. You can also expect to learn to practice making healthy food and activity choices.

Registration for these classes can be done online at www.grymca.org or you can call 616-855-YMCA. You can also come in and register at the front desk. The cost of these classes is $150 for the entire 7 weeks. If you do not have a membership at the YMCA, you can buy an individual one for $64 or a family membership for $94. This includes two adults and any of their dependents under 18. For more information, feel free to contact the Health and Wellness Director Courtney Dolan at cdolan@grymca.org or by phone at 616-855-9544.

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Weight loss at the YMCA in Grand Haven revolves around a contest they have going on called Losing to Win. It is for those 18 and older and lasts 12 weeks. A pretest will be given to you where your body composition will be measured and weight will be taken. This will give you an idea of what your ideal weight would look like. At the end of the contest, your percentage of weight loss will be compared to your original weight. Those who lose the most percentage will win prizes.

At GVSU, there is an account set up that you can access through Human Resources to receive a discount on a membership here. Also, feel free to contact Michelle Bailey-Mesler at michelle.bailey@tcfymca.org for questions or concerns.

Visit www.tcfymca.org for more details.


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Zeeland Community Hospital offers a variety of group programs for those trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their weight loss program for those 18 and older is called Healthy Ways, Healthy Living. It is 13 weeks long and occurs twice a year; once in the spring, and once in the fall. You meet once every week to discuss weight management. A dietician and certified fitness specialist are on staff to help you reach your weight loss goals. The cost of this program depends on your insurance and flex plans.

Another program they offer is a monthly Nutrition Series. This is taught by a registered dietician. It is mainly geared towards adults, although in May of every year they will be starting classes for parents. The parents are encouraged to bring their children as they listen to a registered dietician speak about childhood obesity and how to make the right food choices for their children. This class is also once a month. All of the Nutrition Series classes cost $10 per person or $15 per couple.

In addition, this hospital also offers exercise classes for those at beginner or intermediate levels. Classes are offered on how to prevent and manage diabetes. There is also a support group for those with diabetes.

Marge Rockwell, the Administrative Assistant for the Community Relations Department is the main contact person for any of these programs. You can reach her by email at mrockwell@zch.org or by phone at 616-748-2834, press 2. The programs are located in the Dewitt Professional Building of the hospital.

Visit www.zch.org for more details.

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