Success Story 2011

Do you know a GVSU faculty or staff member who serves as a role model for others living a healthy lifestyle? Nominate your co worker for our next newsletter!

December 2011: What Daddies Do Best

The group meets twice a semester for one hour to learn and talk about being a dad. Like many parents, they understand the challenges with being a parent and the necessary steps it takes to become a better one. Attending the "What Daddies Do Best" meetings gives them a chance to discuss their experiences.

November 2011: Department Of Education

Clay Pelon, Shawn Evans, Annuka Thelen, Tom Owens, Mickie Shannon Wildt, Amy Tomkins, Bonnie Bowen, and Michael Posthumus are only a few names of many in the College of Education who know what it takes to develop an environment that promotes health and well-being. So what's the secret?

October 2011: Pete Agnello

Pete Agnello, custodian at GVSU, has many reasons to stay healthy. However, it wasn't until his 30s did he see the need to become healthier when he was diagnosed with diabetes. For the first time, he decided that he had no choice but to start making changes. Working on becoming a healthier person was never on Petes agenda but after his diagnosis, he says he had to make it a priority to maintain a healthy blood level.

September 2011: Valerie Stoelzel

Valerie Stoelzel, Concert and Arts Information Coordinator in the Department of Music, has transformed her life. Like many, Valerie was dealing with the unfortunate effects of stress and anxiety, and a tendency to be an emotional eater. After years of her unhealthy habits, she began to develop serious health issues, such as sleep apnea and signs of diabetes. She knew shortly after developing these serious issues that she had to do something. She knew that she couldn't let her bad habits consume her entire life.

August 2011: Luanne Brown

Luanne Brown, GVSUs Payroll Manager, has some advice for living healthy: Be honest with yourself and just start. You have to start somewhere. Luannes aha moment came in July 2009 after she had back surgery and she had to make a decision, was she going to neglect her health or start taking those steps to make changes for the better?

July 2011: Breeann Gorham

Associate Director of Career Services, Breeann Gorham has recently been promoted to a position that not only requires a 40 hour-per-week schedule, but most of the time weekends, evenings, and some additional hours serving students. During a time when life has greater demands, Breeann began searching for a way to balance her work life, and so she came upon the GVSU Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines (FWA).

June 2011: Jeremy Flynn

Dealing with the daily hardships of fixing nearly every computer or printer on campus as well as setting up instructor stations is not an easy task. Jeremy Flynn has worked at Information Technology for eight years, and with such a tight schedule, has difficulty squeezing in time for anything else. However, he recently made the commitment to dedicate time to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

May 2011: Dalila Kovacs

Dalila Kovacs, associate professor in Chemistry, has participated in Know Your Numbers, an annual health screening at GVSU, for the past three years and was repeatedly faced with a difficult decision. Her cholesterol levels were too high and she needed to make changes, quickly. After declining medication from her physician, she decided that she needed to get a handle on the situation and make life altering changes, now!
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April 2011: Darrhonda Scott-Jones

After participating in Know Your Numbers for a second year, Darrhonda Scott-Jones was faced with a tough decision. With higher than desirable cholesterol levels, should she continue down the same unhealthy path, or make a few changes to better her life? The choice was obvious to Darrhonda; she chose the latter.
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March 2011: Jeff Marcinkowski
An hour commute from Whitehall hasn't detoured Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, Jeff Marcinkowski, from striving to achieve his fitness goals; physically and mentally. Since junior high, Jeff has been an avid runner, and still is today. His top physical priorities are flexibility and strength, which he also incorporates into his daily workout routine each morning at the Rec Center. Read more...

February 2011: Coreen Pelton
Coreen Pelton has taken her own negative spark and is turning it into positivity for herself and those around her. As the Academic Department Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs at the Kirkhof College of Nursing, Coreen is keeping busy with inspiring those around her before they experience a negative health effect as Coreen did with her stroke one year ago. Read more...

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