Success Stories 2018

Do you know a GVSU faculty or staff member who serves as a role model for others living a healthy lifestyle? Nominate your co worker for our next newsletter!

March 2018: Certified Healthy Departments

Certified Healthy Department

The School of Computing and Information Systems, Office of Sustainability Practices, Center for Adult and Continuing Education, and the Department of Movement Science have been recognized in their efforts in 2017 to help Grand Valley take another step towards becoming the Healthiest Campus in Michigan. Read more

February 2018: Scott Ayotte

Scott Ayotte

Scott Ayotte, Director of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, grew up in a household where exercise and overall health wasn’t a priority. As a result, his family received a wake-up call about 6 years ago when his father had a stroke. This “impacted the entire family when it comes to lifestyles and healthy choices. I was able to see firsthand what some of the consequences are of certain lifestyles. It really shocked the conscience.” Read more

January 2018: Priscilla Kimboko

Priscilla Kimboko

“It’s not a matter of age, it’s a matter of choices you make along the way.”

Priscilla Kimboko seemed to have the health cards stacked against her. The stress from a demanding job along with genetic predispositions to things like heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure would be enough for many people to throw their hands up in defeat. However, the experience of caring for her late husband, her current job as a professor in health and aging, and her health coach, Betsy, made Priscilla aware of what really matters to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Read more


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