Roxana Taylor

Administrative Assistant Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute Dept. Phone: 616-331-3749

Q: Is there a driving force behind your healthy lifestyle? What makes you a healthy individual?
A: When my dad had a heart attack about 22 years ago, my family began eating healthier  more fruits and vegetables, less red meat. In 2008 I had cancer twice, and in 2010 a benign tumor in my sinuses. I know that living a healthful lifestyle is going to keep me on earth longer, and feeling better while I'm here! In Feb. 2011 my husband and I joined SNAP Fitness. We now eat even healthier - more raw fruits and vegetables, less carbs and meat. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I keep trying! Exercise and portion control are the things I'm concentrating on now. Q: What activities do you engage in to reduce stress? A: Walking, weight training, deep breathing, and prayer.
Q: How would you encourage another person to pursue a healthy lifestyle?
A: I have people in my life who are dealing with long term illness and even they can do something! Walk a few extra minutes a day, lift weights from their chair, something! And for those who are still healthy I would say: move while you can still do it easily! It will be so much harder later if you don't!

Page last modified October 17, 2013