Rita Kohrman

Liaison Librarian in Professional Programs and Curriculum Materials
Dept. Phone: 616-331-3500

Q: Is there a driving force behind your healthy lifestyle? Was it a person in your life, a certain event, were you brought up in a healthy environment? What makes you a healthy individual? A : I am getting closer to retirement and wanted to be as healthy as possible for the 'golden years.' Q: How would you encourage another person to pursue a healthy lifestyle? A : Listen, praise, encourage Q: What activities do you engage in to reduce stress? A: Right now I am unsuccessful in dealing with the stress in my home life. I have a friend to talk with which helps. I also have kept my immediate supervisor aware of the situation in case I must radically change my hours at a last moment. Keeping the supervisor abreast in any major changing event assures support in the work area.

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