Prevention & Health Screenings

Taking care of your health means engaging in and accessing medical benefits, health care, and resources to help you become and stay healthy. Grand Valley State University has you covered:

Healthy Choices Wellness Program

The Healthy Choices Wellness Program provides an opportunity for all benefit eligible faculty and staff members to EARN UP TO $300 toward their health savings account. The program complements GVSU's commitment to healthy lifestyles by providing a wealth of health and wellness programs and resources.

Cost Estimator Tool

Cost Estimator: What you'll pay out of your pocket

Knowing the cost before your care could save you thousands. That's because different facilities charge different prices for the same procedure, which means you could be overpaying for care. After all, you wouldn't book a vacation without first knowing the cost. Shouldn't the same apply to your health care? Priority Health's newest tool, the Cost Estimator, combines doctor and facility pricing information with your personal benefit and deductible balances to give a close estimate of your out-of-pocket costs. Giving you a say in how you spend you health dollars.

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Care Management

Understanding your health can be confusing.
Priority Health is here to help!

• Learn to manage your conditions like asthma, hypertension and diabetes
• Connect with resources to help you be your healthiest
• Find an in-network doctor or specialist
• Navigate the health system and coordinate your care

Meet your Care Manager
Christine, RN, BSN, CDE, is passionate about helping
members get the care they need to prevent and manage
their health conditions.

Contact: or
800.998.1037 ext 68887


PH Care Manager Christine

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