2017 Faculty and Staff Pedometer Challenge RULES

Teams and Participants

1.     Participants must be GVSU faculty and staff with a Novell user login and password.

2.     Teams must select a team captain.

3.     Teams must select a category (Competitive Challenge or Team Goal Challenge)

4.     Teams must select a department they want to represent.

5.     Each team member is responsible for entering their steps online.

6.     Each team member receives one pedometer from Human Resources at no cost. Personal pedometers or activity trackers
        may be used. 

7.     Each participant may receive one replacement pedometer (if available) in the event theirs is lost or broken.

8.     Participants can only be a member on one team. Participating on multiple teams is not allowed. 

Activities and Entries

1.     Activities must be tracked by pedometer and/or by using the conversion chart provided on the portal.
       If using activities from the provided list, participants must take off their pedometer while conducting the activity to prevent
      "double dipping". 

2.     Entries can be made beginning October 2nd at midnight. 

3.     All activities must be entered by November 13th by 5pm.

Competition Categories

Competitive Challenge

1.     Top three teams will be determined by the highest step total among all team members throughout the competition.

2.     Individuals in the Competitive Challenge can submit an individual daily step goal on their profile page when
        logging in for the first time. Upon meeting the goal at the end of the challenge, participants are eligible for prizes.

Team Goal Challenge

1.     The team goal is the step average expected for all four team members during the challenge.

3.     Team goal is determined by taking the average of the daily step total for each team member for the length of the challenge.

4.     Teams that meet their daily step average goal at the end of the challenge qualify for prizes.
        Individuals who meet their own daily step  goal will still earn a prize if their team did not meet the team average goal. 

Weekly Bonus Challenges

1.     Each week a challenge will be presented to participants to complete.  

2.     Participants earn an additional 5,000 steps for their team for each weekly bonus challenge completed.

3.     Completion will be noted by checking a verification box on the web portal between the dates
        indicated in the challenge description. No late entries will be accepted.  



Page last modified September 6, 2017