Lynn "Chick" Blue

Chick Blue, Vice-President for Enrollment Development, has been with Grand Valley State University for 48 years.  Well known for her commitment to students and their education, Chick remains passionate about her work and is a driving force here at GVSU...

Jerry Baltes

Grand Valley State University track and field coach Jerry Baltes has been the head coach for eighteen years. Between family, cross country and track and field, Jerry is one busy man overseeing 180 students with help from five assistant coaches.

Barb Latham

After starting at Grand Valley, Barb immediately took advantage of Priority Health�s online portal and was connected with a health coach. Her health coach has helped her to have more confidence when it comes to living healthfully. 

Pam & Clark Wells

Pam and Clark Wells are professors in the Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University.

Angela Amerson

Academic Coordinator in Diagnostic and Treatment Sciences at Grand Valley, used to weigh over 340 lbs. When she was young, she continually struggled with her weight and as she grew older she maintained a heavier frame, and continued the upward weight tren

MarcQus Wright

Director of TRiO Student Support services, started working in the Housing Department at Grand Valley in 2005. A positive man with a healthy mindset, MarcQus maintains his healthy mindset by practicing mindfulness.

Financial IQ Winners

The GVSU Human Resources Health & Wellness teamed up with TIAA-CREF to host the �Save Up Your Savings Challenge� during the month of February... Congratulations Robyn Toth, Lisa Surman-Haight, and Alexianna Mundy!

Kathleen Vanderveen

Many people think they will never need to worry about eldercare. They make the plans to care for their parents themselves, saying they would never place them in a nursing home. But plans can change, at least they did for Kathleen VanderVeen.

Kristina Mack

Though she prides herself on being a student, GVSU chemistry professor, and a mother, Kristina Mack is more than what others can see and, at times, more than she can see herself.

Scott Grissom

Scott Grissom, Professor of Computer Science at Grand Valley since 1999, attributes much of his success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to Grand Valley�s health coaching service which he has been participating in for five years.

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