Michelle Holstege

Facilities Assistant
Facilities Services
Dept. Phone: 616-331-3000

Q: Is there a driving force behind your healthy lifestyle? Was it a person in your life, a certain event, were you brought up in a healthy environment? What makes you a healthy individual? A:I was at a point in my life where I decided what I could control was how I ate and what activity level I chose to pursue. Grand Valley allowing us to use our lunch hours to work out is the only time I have! I think now what makes me a healthy person is keeping the balance between work, home and everything else that comes with being a full time mom and employee. Q: How would you encourage another person to pursue a healthy lifestyle? A: I think the most important thing in someones life is balance. We all have so many directions we are pulled in. Encouraging someone to also take care of themselves along with everyone else is important. You cannot be at your best for everyone else if you are not at your best for yourself. Q: What activities do you engage in to reduce stress? A: Cooking, camping, shopping, time with my family and I love golf - it is a great way to relieve stress! Where else can you see the beautiful area we live in, have fun with friends / family and chase a little ball around.

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