Jennifer Allard

Recruitment Communications Manager
Institutional Marketing
Dept. Phone: 616-331-2525

Q: Is there a driving force behind your healthy lifestyle? Was it a person in your life, a certain event, were you brought up in a healthy environment? What makes you a healthy individual? A : My son is the driving force behind me wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to be able to keep up with him and his new little brother. I chose to have kids later in life so I knew I would have to maintain my emotional and physical fitness levels to keep up! My father always stressed to me as a child to be healthy and to take care of myself. He was an overweight child and was bullied and teased because of it and did not want his kids to have to go through what he did. Q: How would you encourage another person to pursue a healthy lifestyle? A : I would say to anyone interested in changing their lifestyle to not make major changes all at once. As they say slow and steady wins the race! Start by gradually increasing the amount and duration of activity and slowly change your eating habits. Fad diets don't work nor does over doing your workouts so you burn out or hurt yourself. Q: What activities do you engage in to reduce stress? A: I love to run, participate in boot camp workouts, meditate, and play with my son.

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