Help Yourself or Find Help

Help yourself

  • Pace yourself. Don't have more than one alcoholic drink per hour, and alternate alcoholic drinks with club soda, soft drinks, or just plain water.
  • If you enjoy hard liquor, use a jigger to measure; don't estimate. Underestimates are common.
  • Never exceed 14 drinks per week (seven for women), or four in a day (three for women). And don't make up tomorrow what you didn't drink today.
  • Never drink on an empty stomach. Food helps delay the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream.
  • Never, never drink and drive. If you're with a group, always have a designated (abstinent) driver. If you're alone, call a taxi or a friend.
  • Avoid drinks served neat or on the rocks. Use a mixer; a diluted drink takes longer to finish, allowing your body time to metabolize the alcohol.
  • Never use an alcoholic drink to quench your thirst, as some beer commercials suggest. Start with a glass of water and then savor the brew.

Find Help
If those steps don't help, talk with your doctor about getting professional help. Help isn't far away if you need outside guidance, here is some help close in the area and also on campus!

Alcoholics Anonymous
616-847-7959 419 Fulton Street Grand Haven, MI 49417 Kent County Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous 616-913-9149 1404 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 Alcohol Campus Educational Services (ACES) GVSU 616-331-2537 Water Tower Place 10383 B 42nd Ave. Allendale, MI 49401

Encompass Employee Assistance Service
Call anytime for free alcohol screenings and Encompass can help refer you for treatments, (616) 459-9180 or visit their web site at

Additional services that are offered on the GVSU campus are:

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