Healthy Choices Wellness Program

Healthy Choices is a free, voluntary and confidential program that helps qualifying benefit-eligible faculty and staff learn helpful information about their health, encourages them to take steps to improve or maintain it, and receive monetary rewards of up to $500 for doing so.

How do I see my results from previous years? 
Click here for instructions on how to access results from previous years


  • Two required components:
    • Know Your Numbers (Online Health Assessment and Biometric screen). Deadline, April 15, 2018. 
    • Health Coaching. If Health Coaching is required, participants must engage with a coach for 3 months. Deadline, September 30, 2018.
  • Monetary rewards:
    • Up to $500 for faculty/staff and spouse participation
    • Up to $300 for faculty/staff
  • Rewards administered directly into faculty and staff paychecks:
    • Payout for Know Your Numbers component: May 2018 ($100 faculty/staff, $100 spouse or household member). 
    • Payout for Health Coaching component: Fourth quarter 2018 ($200 faculty/staff, $100 spouse or household member).


Page last modified July 26, 2018