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Free Literature Available Through Work Place Options

(A part of GVSU's Employee Assistance Service, Encompass) 
To order your free copy, please call: 1-800-952-3586 and press number 4. 

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Pregnancy Planner 
A "dateless" 42-week pregnancy planner and appointment-keeper for the wall that starts the 
day a woman discovers she's a mother-to-be and continues through delivery. Created by the 
authors of America's pregnancy bible with over ten million copies in print, this is the perfect 
place to record personal pregnancy dates and notes while keeping track of appointments, 
questions for the doctor, fetal movements, shopping lists, weight gain, and anything else. 
What to Expect When You’re Expecting (also available in Spanish) 
The pregnancy guide that reassuringly answers the concerns of parents-to-be, from the 
planning stage through postpartum. 
What To Expect The First Year 
The comprehensive month-by-month guide that clearly explains everything parents need to 
know about the first year with a new baby. Featuring a practical, illustrated Baby Care Primer, a 
First-Aid Guide, and Best-Odds recipes. With special sections on the older sibling; selecting the 
right physician; seasonal concerns and traveling with baby; managing childhood illnesses; 
nurturing the adopted baby, the low-weight infant, and the baby with specific problems. 
What To Expect the Toddler Years 
The comprehensive and reassuring guide that explains everything parents need to know about 
the second and third year of life. Featuring a Toddler Care Primer, the Best-Odds Toddler Diet, 
and a First Aid Guide. Includes sections on: toilet training, tantrums, sleeping and feeding 
problems, setting up a play group, selecting a preschool, keeping your child safe, sibling 
relations, mixing career and parenthood, and caring for toddlers with special needs. 
 The Adoption Resource Book 
This practical, wise, and encouraging book contains all the information a couple or an individual 
needs to investigate adoption alternatives and arrange for a complete and successful adoption. 
Teen Tips 
There may not be a cure for adolescence, but there are ways for parents of teens to survive 
these challenging years! Parenting expert Tom McMahon has gone straight to the source—
veteran moms—to try and solve the mysteries of raising a happy, healthy teenager. Gathered 
here are hundreds of practical, creative, and proven tips that cover all aspects of parenting a 
Kid Tips 
For ages newborn to ten years. Proven child-care tips from experienced parents across the 
country. For this invaluable book, Tom McMahon mounted a nationwide media campaign and 
gathered a wealth of tested and proven child raising tips from experienced parents in over 
three hundred cities across the country. More than one thousand of the best, reflecting every 
aspect of parenting – inside tips today’s busy parents all too often don’t have time to share 
with their family and friends. Discover fresh, unique, creative ideas that are fun, thrifty, easily 
accessible and pediatrician approved for health and safety. 
The Pocket Parent 
The Pocket Parent is a lifesaver of tried-and-true advice, common sense, parental wisdom for 
parents with 2 to 5 year olds. Hundreds of fast answers from what to do when your 2 to 5 year 
old has tantrums, bites a friend, keeps interrupting, uses bad words, won’t use the potty, and 
How To Care For Your Aging Parents 
Tackles all the tough subjects: from how to avoid becoming your parent’s “parent”, to 
understanding what happens to the body in old age, getting help finding a nursing home, 
preparing for the time to say good-bye. When love is not enough, it’s an indispensable source 
of information and support. Includes a complete yellow pages of resources. 
The 36-Hour Day 
A family guide to caring for persons with Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementing Illnesses, and 
Memory Loss in later life. 
How To Retire Happy 
Everything you need to know about the 12 most important decisions you must make before 
you retire. Award-winning retirement columnist and financial expert Stan Hinden will show you 
the way to have a happy, active and rewarding retirement. 
The Grief Recovery Handbook 
Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on your capacity for 
happiness. Drawing from their own histories, as well as from others, the authors illustrate what 
grief is and how it is possible to recover and regain energy and spontaneity. The Grief Recovery 
Handbook offers grievers the specific actions needed to complete the grieving process and
accept loss. For those ready to regain a sense of aliveness, the principles outlined in this book 
make this a life-changing handbook. 

Potty Power (DVD) 

Potty training DVD for boys and girls. 
You Don’t Have to Let Your Baby Cry CD and booklet (also available in Spanish) 

40 Page book gives common-sense instructions on how to get babies to sleep through the night 
– without having to let them cry, tells why the music works…plus helpful parenting tips and 
Heartbeat Music CD. 

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