I am experiencing physical pain or discomfort as a result of my work station. What do I do? 
Register with Disability Support Resources. Contact the office for a follow up meeting to review the next steps for assessing your work space. 

I am not experiencing physical pain or discomfort as a result of my work station but am interested in a professional assessment of my office furniture and set up
Contact Lindsey DesArmo, Health and Wellness Specialist, Human Resources 331-2215 or

What do I do if my chair or piece of office furniture is broken? 
Contact Facilities Customer Service at 331-3000 to report an issue or submit a work order

How do I position myself to promote wellness while at work? 

Wellness at Work
Review 26 easy-to-follow wellness tips and recommendations—from encouraging chair adjustment, to moving at work, to supporting collaboration—that can help you work well and maintain wellness. 

Guide to Healthy Sitting
Points to remember for your health and comfort.  


Standing Desks

Lower your blood pressure, increase calorie burn and improve mental health! 
A stand up (or standing) desk is a desk conceived for writing, reading, or working - while standing up! 

Decrease in the risk of developing heart disease, blood clots in the brain, and certain types of cancer.

  • Standing up for an extra 90 minutes significantly lowers your chances of developing diabetes. (A link has been found between sitting down and levels of sugary glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream)
  • By standing for an extra three hours a day without exercising would burn off 8 pounds of fat a year.
  • You can relieve stress on the spine and have a reduced risk of spinal shrinkage by standing at your desk.
  • Alternating positions relieves strain and relaxes the neck, shoulders, and back.

There is no University policy about what the desk has to look like or function like. There are various styles available including podiums for the top of your desk or full size work station options

"I would benefit from a standing desk in my office or work space. What do I do?" If you would like a standing desk in your work space please work with your supervisor and department to determine what will work best. Please remember that University furniture is purchased by Facilities Planning. If you have a medical condition in which you would benefit from having a stand up desk please contact Disability Support Resources. They will assist you through the process and put you in contact with Facility Services. 

See how GVSU Faculty/Staff are already making the most of their work spaces by utilizing standing desks.  



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