Deans for Wellness

Human Resources Health and Wellness is pleased to provide staffing and resources for the Deans for Wellness Initiative in partnership with Deans to promote the value of health and wellness for faculty and staff throughout the university. Each Dean is invited to join the initiative by implementing at least one wellness signature event or program in their college or school during the 2016/2017 academic year.


 Participating Colleges: 


  1. To implement the national best practice of leadership involved in wellness messaging and modeling to support the value of wellness (Wellness Council of America benchmark).
  2. To continue to provide innovative health and wellness initiative as identified as a priority to enhance the quality of life for staff and faculty.
  3. To increase participation in wellness programming on campus to achieve the American Heart Association Fit Friendly Company Platinum award which requires a ten percent increase in worksite wellness participation annually.
  4. To increase faculty participation in worksite wellness, which has been lower than staff participation in the past (tracking staff and faculty participation).
  5. Individual college/school initiatives will focus on at least two of seven wellness dimensions identified by the university as: physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and social wellness.

How it Works:

  • Each Dean is encouraged to have a Signature WELLNESS event or package of activities. Deans will be recognized by Human Resources Health and Wellness each year for participation in the program at the annual Health and Wellness Ambassador Luncheon in September. 
  • Major events (requiring Human Resources Health and Wellness support) will need to be at varying months during the year to avoid excess activity in one particular time of the year.
  • Deans can accomplish other strategic priorities with their major signature event, but please remember the primary purpose of this initiative is to enhance the lives of STAFF AND FACULTY with an innovative health and wellness idea.

Best Practices:

  • Develop a small committee to determine a plan and to elicit buy-in or request input through a survey or discussion with chairs.
  • Work with the Human Resources Health and Wellness Specialist to get a list of what is needed for your desired events such as: contracts, attendance forms, public relations, and liability forms.
  • Send an e-mail to all staff and faculty emphasizing the importance of employee health and wellness to be the best for our students and to our families (and then share your event/package of activities).
  • Sharing wellness support and messages/activities at many times in the year rather than just once.
  • It will be easiest if Human Resources Health and Wellness helps with one signature wellness event once a year and the college does their own additional activities.
  • The Health and Wellness Specialist would prefer each Dean provide their signature event in different months rather than multiple signature events in the same month.
  • It is helpful to close offices for the signature event, if possible or allow flexible time for a package of activities to show the importance and help employees feel they are allowed to attend.

All funding for initiatives will need to be provided by the Dean. Human Resources Health and Wellness can provide some prizes and marketing.


  • Each Dean for Wellness Signature event will be highlighted at the Human Resources Health and Wellness website and information will be shared to include on each College's website. Additionally, University Relations will be informed through Human Resources for photography at each event and assistance with sharing the story through a series.

Tracking Success:

Human Resources Health and Wellness will assist with the development, implementation, and evaluation of each event/activity, including measuring, tracking, and publicizing success. Data to be collected includes:

  • Number of employees in the college/school
  • Number of staff and number of faculty who engaged in the event/activities
  • Survey
  • Any other data that is relevant to the college


All events/activities will be highlighted through Human Resources Health and Wellness during the year and referenced on the website along with photos from the events. The information would be great to add as a special segment of your website or a newsletter. Participating Deans will also be invited to our Health and Wellness Ambassador Luncheon held in the Fall each year where faculty and staff are recognized for efforts in promoting healthy behavior and behavior changes.


Lindsey DesArmo, Health and Wellness Specialist,, (616) 331-2215.

Page last modified August 18, 2017