Anytime Events-Logging In From Off Campus

We've noticed that you are logging into the Anytime Events site from an off-campus location.

To access Anytime Events from off campus you have to login to Pulse Secure VPN Client and then login to Anytime Events. If you do not have Pulse Secure installed on your machine, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under the Faculty and Staff section, choose the Pulse Secure VPN Client for your platform. (Use 64-bit for Windows 8 and Above and 32-bit for Windows 7).
  3. Run the installation. When complete you may have to reboot your machine
  4. The Pulse Secure icon will appear in your taskbar (right side for Windows users)
  5. Login to Pulse Secure and then to go the site
  6. If you receive a message asking for Name: and URL: Type in a name for your connection (doesn’t matter what it is) and in the URL.

If you experience problems installing Pulse Secure on your machine you can contact the IT Helpdesk at (616)331-2101.

Page last modified October 23, 2017