Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q - How much money has the fund raised?

As of September, 2017 the fund has raised $53,546

Q - When will the fund have enough money to start bringing students to GVSU?

The preliminary goal to make the fund permanent was $30,000.  We have reached and surpassed this goal. We are now working to raise additional funds so that the fund generates enough interest revenue to fund student expenses.  One we reach $120,000 in the fund we should be able to offer a sizable scholarship to one or more incoming Haitian students.  

Q - Can money be contributed to fund a specific student in Haiti?

A - Money contributed the fund cannot be designated for a specific student in Haiti. Prospective students can be encouraged to apply once sufficient funds are available, but there is no guarantee that the student will be selected by the selection committee.

Q - What percentage of each contribution actually goes toward student expenses?

A - 100% of the money contributed to endowments goes toward the fund, no overhead for endowments

Q - When filling out the gift form, is it possible for non-affiliated donors to fill in the box designated for comments?

A -  Indicate on the form that you are a "friend of GVSU" then you can enter comments.  We appreciate any feedback you can provide.


Q - Is there some way to ensure that my name NOT go on a donor list? I do not wish to receive any other solicitations from GVSU?

A - To make sure you are not solicited for future donations indicate this very clearly in the comments section when you make your contribution.  University development will enter this in their database.


Q - How will we know that the scholarship awardee will actually return to Haiti after graduation?

A - A primary question that scholarship finalists will need to answer for the selection committee is "How will you use your GVSU education in order to help with the development of Haiti"?   Another question is: "Do you promise that, upon completion of your degree, that you will return to Haiti to work there for at least three full years on the development of Haiti"?   GVSU works with US immigration rules and the SEVIS non-citizen student tracking system, so immigration rules are observed for international students on F-1 visas.



Page last modified January 26, 2018